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Tough love

asbonita3asbonita3 Member Posts: 29 Member Member Posts: 29 Member
I am already hard on myself as it is but yet I've falle off a little for the past month and a half. I can't shake the binge eating and lack of exercise. I don't wanna stay this way, but I can't shake it. I'm sitting here crying as I write this and don't know what else to do. I know we all have these moments but I'm so MAD at myself. I feel like just giving up, but in the same I've come so far but can't get motivated. HHEELLPPPP!!!!


  • historygirlddhistorygirldd Member Posts: 212 Member Member Posts: 212 Member
    look at what you have already accomplished. You can do this. Take some time and make a list of reasons to exercise and eat healthy. Name all the reasons you want to lose weight. Then sit and imagine your self thin and healthy. What will you be able to do? Is there an outfit you would like to buy? Come on girl, you can do it! From what you have already accomplished, I believe you can eat right and exercise. So, Get up and go
  • TeddyBear47TeddyBear47 Member Posts: 200 Member Member Posts: 200 Member
    I know the feeling, I've been great the first 5 months. This month and last I've binged about 8 or 9 times. After the binge you never want to work out. Hopefully we both can get out of the funk. Good Luck.
  • leader62leader62 Member Posts: 4 Member Posts: 4
    Hell we all have cheated or messed up on a diet, thats, not new. I recently messed up on my calorie count. I'm one of those men who never counted calories. That was what women did! Ha now I see the science behind it. No one can be harder on us than us! Foregive yourself and continue on. You will be successful! So will I.
  • stephschef1stephschef1 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Just try to remember everyone has setbacks and if you can't seem to get right back on the eating and exercising wagon maybe just do one for a little bit then add the other. Small steps:)
  • vegansaravegansara Member Posts: 198 Member Member Posts: 198 Member
    First of all, you are going to be ok! We all screw up sometimes, and sometimes that can stretch for a week or two. If you feel like crap about yourself, you are going to be unable to do what you need to do. So show yourself compassion - focus on what you have done right, like logging on here today and asking for help! What we've done in the past doesn't matter. What we do in the right now is what matters. You are capable and deserving of the change you want to make :).
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