Is it beneficial to workout / run in the evening?

Currently, I don't do any sort of exercise, and I definitely know that I should. My question is whether or not it's helpful//healthy for me to do these in the evening. I have next to no energy in the morning...and soon I might have to be working fairly early as well. I find myself getting the motivation to run somewhere around 5-8. I realize this might be an odd time to do it, but would it still be healthy for my body to do so? Or should I honestly just try to wake up that extra hour early?



  • meerkat70
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    Workout whenever you can workout. I don't really buy that there are magical times when exercise is more effective. It's certainly not been my experience. And obviously working out at any time is far better than working out at no time.

  • HMVOL7409
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    I always run in the evening, it is when my blood sugar is most stable and my energy levels are highest. I also don't believe there is any magical time to workout and don't buy into the concept of morning, empty stomach workouts give the highest burns. Workout when you can and what's best for you. Certainly beats sitting on the couch doing nothing.
  • AnvilHead
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    The best time of the day to work out is whatever time of the day you will/can consistently do it. A workout at any time of the day is better than no workout.
  • julialla
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    I enjoy working out at night the most! But for now am stuck with morning workouts. So I vote, go for it and exercise! Every bit helps.
  • Smuterella
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    I always work out in the evening, the very minute I get home in fact.
  • I agree with the above folks. I've always worked out at night. I don't have it in me to get up early and that's just the way I am. It's always best to know what works best for you and this also prevents a self defeatist attitude if you don't achieve the morning work out.
  • sammysally
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    I feel most hydrated at night. Its all a personal preference. Have fun!
  • Mathteacher35
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    That is when I run! I get up way too early to run and seem to have to eat before I can workout! Any exercise is better than no exercise! Good Luck!
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    Workout at whatever time is convenient for you. No matter if it's 3pm or 3am. Get it in when you can and all will be fine
  • smaschin
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    the best time is when you have the time, or more importantly when you "make" the time.

    There are arguments for and against all, in my experience (ex army Physical trainer) there is no real benefits to one over the other that you cant gain from the other (like that fat burn early AM and all that jazz), if that made sense.

    Running at a given time of day is as beneficial as sports supplements and fancy training shoes......NONE !

  • froeschli
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    I can't get up early either, and with the summer heat I tend to go running after 7pm. It makes for some awkward dinner times, but it appears to work fine for me... If I have dinner before, I wait at least an hour, and make sure I only drink water. :-)
    I wouldn't go out in the dark, but in summer that's no problem...
  • LaMujerMasBonitaDelMundo
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    The best time of the day to work out is whatever time of the day you will/can consistently do it. A workout at any time of the day is better than no workout.
    ^^ this I agree. I neither don't buy into that myth of exercising on an empty stomach would make you burn more fat than if you were to do it on late afternoon or evening. That's a total BS! I actually would love to do my workouts in the mornings to energize me but the problem is I don't have much time to do it as I live a bit far from my work that I have to wake up at 5am just to prepare myself for work, leave home at 6am & then arrive back at 7pm. So evening is my only available time for working out but I still lost a lot of weight by it.
  • jofjltncb6
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    1. Exercising period is a bazillion times more effective than not exercising at all. (Sorry, no peer-reviewed studies to support this, but I'm fairly certain it's true.)

    2. The timing for exercising, the fasted state, the pre- and post-workout nutrition timing, etc. may or may not be important--who knows?--but I am certain that these are at least a gazillion times less important than point 1 up there. (Again, no research I know of, but I still think it's true.

    EDIT: And then I read the rest of the replies and see that this has already been covered. Hmph. Yet another reminder that I really should read all of the replies before responding.
  • I am an evening preferred workout person, unfortunately, I can only workout early mornings... nothing wrong with either!
  • Hezzietiger1
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    My workouts are at about 6pm daily. I could never wake up in the am and be as productive as I am in the evening.
  • jrutledge01
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    there are two ideal times to run.. for the first ideal time... there is usually a time of day that you have more energy than any other time of day (probably somewhat related to your circadian rhythm... but for me it's 1-3pm)

    the second one is when you have time to do it... which for me, is evening time
  • rwwerner
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    Any time through out the day is fine as long as you are not sacrificing sleep for it. You need your sleep as much as the exercise. I prefer mornings because the rattle snakes venture out in the evenings where I am from and its too hot during the day.
  • zenchild
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    I remember reading about a study that said exercising in the evening led to more weight loss than exercising in the morning. And I'm NOT a morning person. I'd much rather work out right before dinner or 30 minutes after.
  • journeyon2013
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    I love working out in the evening time ! I get a good nite rest then.
  • journeyon2013
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    Another thing I forgot to put ,its better to work out in the evening and don't eat ur calories u just burned