5 Pounds Lost - Already a Difference!!

Please excuse my sleepy eyes in my progress pics... I took them at 6am this morning before my C25K session... and my exaggerated sad face in my before pics. XD Anyway, I noticed a difference all of a sudden today and I was so excited I wanted to share. =) I think it's obvious enough (although my hubby says I purposefully tried to make myself look gross in the before pictures... I was all, No, I actually DID look gross, you were just in denial before! haha).

My stats: 5' 6" height, 161 current weight, 150 goal weight




  • LovleeGirl
    LovleeGirl Posts: 18
    CONGRATS!! I can see the difference in your tummy and hips area. .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  • saraann4
    saraann4 Posts: 1,312 Member
    well hot damn. I wish I could see a difference with 5lbs. You can totally tell on your. Your back is smoother and tummy. Well done.
  • I can see it....way to go girl, keep it up :) You look so good already!!
  • AmyH724
    AmyH724 Posts: 31 Member
    WOW! What a difference 5 lbs can make! You go girl!! :happy:
  • mscrumbyy
    mscrumbyy Posts: 116
    You look great!
  • michelle_mareshfuehrer
    michelle_mareshfuehrer Posts: 312 Member
    You look great!!! I can see a BIG difference--I think you lost a lot of inches along with your 5 lbs. Your abs have much more definition, your back is smooth, and you look great! WTG!!
  • aprilmeg
    aprilmeg Posts: 10
    Just five pounds lost?You are right! It did make a difference! Great job! :smile:
  • ilovemybuggy
    ilovemybuggy Posts: 1,584 Member
    Dang I wish five pounds made that much of a difference on me. Great job!
  • RenaHope
    RenaHope Posts: 80
    Whoaaa, awesome difference!
  • haheisick
    haheisick Posts: 13 Member
    That is a HUGE difference! Especially the back photo! Keep it up girl!!
  • DeadMarsha
    DeadMarsha Posts: 203
    Thanks everyone!! =D It's crazy how it seemed to happen overnight... I was just about ready to give up but a few days later I did a double take in the mirror and could see some positive results. =D
  • CarleyLovesPets
    CarleyLovesPets Posts: 410 Member
    What a big difference your 5lbs made!
  • 77tes
    77tes Posts: 7,407 Member
    Huge difference for 5 pounds! Congrats!
  • RunMyOregonBunsOff
    RunMyOregonBunsOff Posts: 862 Member
    Awesome! I bet that looking at these pic fuels you even more!
  • kaigausista
    kaigausista Posts: 62 Member
    definitely can see the difference! awesome
  • Congrats! 5 pounds has made a huge difference to your body. Keep up the good work..
  • HelenDootson
    HelenDootson Posts: 443 Member
    Very noticable difference - Stick with it :)
  • divinenanny
    divinenanny Posts: 90 Member
    That already looks great!
    And you've convinced me to try to take some before shots. Even if they are just for myself, they are a great motivator!
  • mmattloc
    mmattloc Posts: 2 Member
    So what did you do get there.
  • postrockandcats
    postrockandcats Posts: 1,145 Member
    Haha!! You're pouty face is adorable :)

    You're doing great! That back pic is amazing!
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