Nike Free Run - rocks stuck in the bottom?

I'm contemplating purchasing a pair of Nike Frees. I'm already accustomed to pseudo-minimalist and true minimalist footware. I've tried them on, run on the treadmill at the store, but no one at the store could answer my question about rocks getting stuck in the bottom of the shoes.

My regular routes are generally part trail, part pavement. With the design of the sole, am I going to be running with a lot of rocks stuck in the bottom of the shoe? And more importantly, am I going to be able to tell there are a lot of rocks stuck in the shoe? I don't mind having rocks stuck to the soles of my shoes assuming I can't tell they are there.


  • Elyssa_38
    Elyssa_38 Posts: 36 Member
    Haha sometimes the rocks really do bother me. I have a pair of nike free(train), nike free runs and Nike Lunar Glide and tobe honest the best for me to run are the Lunar Glide they have a lot more support. I get tired alot faster with the Nike free and my knee hurts. Then again I probably weigh more than you. Nike Free runs are comfortable tho and depending on the size of the rockz but to be honest they do bug at times.