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  • Sorry, That dashed off response now reads as pretty negative. There are 2 ways in which you can set up your calorie target. * In MFP, plug in your stats and set a weight loss rate. MFP spits out a number which you eat to to lose at approx the rate you specified. With this method you should also log your cardio exercise*…
  • You did some research that led you to the above recommendation but then you ignored that and instead eat about 1300 (700 less than recommendation) per day. Without knowing your stats it's difficult to comment on the validity of the 2000 cals but what did your research tell you about eating extra to account for the…
  • just looking into that Evelyn Tribold book now - looks interesting. I've read Brain over Binge by Kathryn Hansen and found that very useful (note that Hansen's book is not suitable for those who emotionally binge eat but rather, as I put it, those who "fall off the wagon in spectacular style").
  • Sorry, but you are setting yourself up for failure. With this plan, and at your rate of loss, you're losing more lean body mass (muscle) than fat (although as others point out, much of a dieter's first week's loss will be water weight) and this will mean that despite the weight loss you will not look as lean as you hope…
  • It's probably not (unless you've lost a significant chunk of muscle), metabolism doesn't really slow down with age but rather as we age we lead a more sedentary lifestyle and therefore lose lean body mass. What is your height? 12 stone is not very heavy - is a 1 stone (14lb) loss realistic? When dieting down, strength…
  • Look at the stuff you do spend time on and decide if any of it is less important to your health/fitness goals. If there is anything that falls into that category - ditch it and use the time for food prep and exercise. If there is genuinely nothing in your schedule that you're willing to drop then you've learnt something…
  • How has you trainer determined you're t 47% water and why is she bothered about that figure? I ask because in my experience, trainers who manipulate water for weight loss (often by reducing the carbohydrate in a clients diet) are problematic and I wold generally advise people to avoid them. Looking at your diary your cals…
  • ^^Unlikely - I think he's got that wrong, but in any case success isn't a finite quantity - if he gets more it doesn't mean that you get less.
  • My initial thoughts (and you're not going to like this) is that a 1lb per week cut is too aggressive @ your current starting point (147lb @ 5'7").
  • that's a really silly idea - you'll probably not be able to sustain the deficit but if you do you will probably lose lean body mass along with the fat. Depending on your starting weight (like if you're morbidly obese) 20lb might be sensible but for a lower starting weight 1 - 2 lb per week is much more realistic.
  • Cross Fit is an exercise program which takes elements of several different training protocols and adds a competitive aspect. It's a type of exercise program. Muscle confusion is a (debunked) training concept. To compare the two is not valid - they are different things.
  • Metabolism confusion works just as well as muscle confusion - Neither work at all.
  • Interesting topic. I'm not clear if there is a trend for religious people to be fatter or thinner but... I'm struggling to pull together coherent argument but bear with me... I wonder if there is an argument that the most religious are more likely to consider their health to be in the hands of a higher power and therefore…
  • Unpopular opinion: Studies extrapolated to provide guidance to the general population w.r.t. body composition and fat loss may not be applicable to people who calorie track over the long term. We are a non-typical sub set.
  • Source: Approximately 31 kcal/lb of fat per day. Note that the study was a mathematical interpretation of a bunch of pre-existing experimental work and not a new set of raw data. In practice there is likely to be a pretty wide spread of what is achievable for an individual but…
  • I can't seem to do it. I can usually work the calories into my daily or weekly allowance but I can't seem to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar once I've got a beer or two inside me.
  • For restaurants/take-away (God! ages since I've had a take-away) where I really can't find an appropriate database entry I pick supermarket version (I tend to pick the best quality version since these tend to be a closer taste match to restaurant food) and log 1.5 portions.
  • I use IF - have done so for 99% of my days for a few years now (I occasionally break the pattern for very special family occasions and the like). My advice: * Continue to track your calories - it is easy to eat over your calorie goal in the feeding window * Black tea and coffee and zero cal drinks are not considered to be…
  • The protein powder that I use (I probably have some 4 or 5 times a week) is cheaper per g protein than all meat sources of protein I can find. Only eggs and cottage cheese give me more protein per pence. But,then again, I suppose if you don't like the stuff, whatever the price is a waste of money.
  • MFP staff expect you to eat back those calories - your deficit is built in BEFORE exercise. But, many users recommend eating back only half to account for any overestimation from trackers, exercise machines, or your best guess etc. Failing to eat back any of your exercise calories may not be bad, but in some cases can lead…
  • I'm off to Greece in 15 days! Corfu. Wave if you see a blue bald guy who looks like Arnie. I've wave to anyone wearing pink running leggings and shoes.
  • Yep but speaking from the athletic performance point of view - my experience is that changes to diet before am event (like a race for example) is more likely to produce negative effects than positive. With respect to a holiday my experience is that any type of restriction in the few weeks before the holiday is likely to…
  • Assuming that you don't currently suffer from bloating, crappy skin and hair, and your work outs are effective then don't change anything - stick with what you currently eat.
  • Thought provoking - thanks for sharing this. I've read it all and will read it again I think.
  • With your stats you should be losing about 0.5kg pre week on about 2150 cals. So, maybe the reason that felt weak in the gym was the 1500 diet? When you upped your intake to 2000 you saw a weigh gain but this was not fat but probably increased food in your gut and increased water retention because of the increase in carbs.…
  • Pick one then monitor your progress. If you're not losing drop down a level, if your losing too fast, move up a level.
  • How long have you been trying to lose weight for? Do you track all your food? Do you weigh all your food?
  • I agree with @sardelsa 's comments on getting the diet right and choosing a reputable program to follow (as opposed to doing every glute exercise that you can think of), not least because I assume that a reputable program like Strong Curves has a balance of exercises - It is a big mistake to create your own exercise…
  • 2016 systematic review covering 9 (human) studies of 981 participants >6 months duration. "with results indicating neither intermittent or continuous energy restriction being superior with respect to weight loss"