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  • Yes, yes and yes
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  • Yes, yes and yes
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  • In my mind, I am considering the 3rd the first of the year for myself as the first two days of January were messed up/consumed with delayed/diverted airline travel. My additional goals for this month besides the UAC goals are walking with intention, an Apple Fitness workout and daily movement through cleaning/decluttering.…
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  • Yes, yes and yes
  • Yes, yes and yes
  • Late to post but yes, yes and yes
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking In regard to motivation vs habits, my morning walking has become such a habit that it feels like it is part of my dna. I had an early meeting and I set my alarm for 5 am instead of my normal 6 am so I could fit in the morning walking.
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking and mini pilates workout
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking, stretching and a lot of movement getting ready for travel and early holiday celebrations.
  • Yes, no, and no Fika Friday celebration at work. I limited what I sampled but I did not bother to record and I am sure I am slightly over maintenance.
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking and a little stretching
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking and stretching
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking I don’t actually know how long I have been with UAC but it has been a good while. I think the best thing I have learned is that regardless of how much I believe I know about healthy living and fitness, I am always learning new and different things when I read the daily posts. I am able to…
  • If cauliflower can somehow become pizza… you, my friend, can do anything! Happy Wednesday!
  • Nice topic @Jana_2020 I will likely make a mess of this response but please bear with me. This past year plus has been an overwhelming emotional roller coaster for me. My own approach is that I have been experimenting with teaching myself cognitive therapy as it relates to my emotions. No one should mimic me since I have…
  • Yes, yes and yes :)
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking and shopping
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking Glad I was able to fit in my morning walking. I got my booster last night and it gradually started hitting me throughout the day today. At this point, I have little energy to get off the couch and gave been sleeping lots. Hoping for a better day tomorrow. Love the 'Your plan vs Reality'. The…
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking and stretching Had my booster shot after work. Will see how it goes.
  • Yes yes and yes Walking and stretching Congrats to the winners!
  • Yes yes and yes
  • Yes yes and yes Back home since being gone since the 19th. Routine is good. And in response to the question, no to the winners circle and no to being a champion. I will try again next month! :)
  • Another pass day for me. @biketheworld It is an interesting question and I think there have been good responses. I agree with @Katiecan2021 about not going wild on pass days but it being good not to leave the group overall. A pass day for me means I am busy and I am likely away from home without a structured routine. I…
  • @Jana_2020 Thanks for the opening post. I always appreciate being reminded of consistency. This is another pass day for me but it is still great for me to consistent in logging in and reading up on the posts. I loved reading the reference to 'bus stop' exercises and plan to google it later. This is something I would have…
  • Checking in with a pass day. It was our anniversary. We were outdoors hiking all day but we did splurge on a nice meal in the evening. i like that we have transitioned to splitting everything at fancy dinners. It allows lots more diversity to our meal and cuts down on calories. Still it was more than I usually eat and I…
  • Pass Day. Love the post about the dog. So insightful
  • Pass Day Really like the post about chocolate and strength. Nice to put a positive spin on this.
  • Yes, yes and yes Walking. Another decent day.
  • Yes, yes and yes A straightforward day.