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  • If you managed to loose 31kg in 2 weeks then I am positive you can get back to 18stone on a vegan diet in 6 months 😐
  • Husband is definitely key here ... I am sure he can look after the kids for one hour a day When you have the kids, do something physical with them ... Monday morning I ran 10k, Monday afternoon I played “catch the goat” in the playground with my daughter ... guess which one had me gasping for breath and aching
  • Legs hurt and bloating Inflammation 101 !!! ... you are probably mildly intolerant to something and it doesn’t normally show. BUT .. now you are bulk g and eating excess everyone and again it flairs up and becomes an issue What have you eaten more of on the days this happens ? I am going through the same at the moment and…
  • Babies are like awesome adjustable dumbells You start by pressing or rowing a 7kg baby, push chair jogging in the park inter dispersed with pushups and chin-ups and 7 years later you are pressing 24kg and running sprints after them on their bike
  • Don’t do anything ... make meals as you would normally do and let him fill in the gaps I ate more calories in snacks yesterday than I did in my 3 main meals, 40g of cheese - 160kcal, heavy cream in coffee, nuts, coated nuts, nut granola... it adds up in minutes
  • Hi ... body fat is around the 15% mark at a guess .. typically all held around waist so hard to determine as everywhere else is skinny as. Miles away from goal ... I set jan as my finish date so I could reassess whether to keep on or cut back again. Only recently started so most of my fat is probably fear as I have lost…
  • Eat more fish ..... seriously, its an awesome source of protein .. Salmon, skin crisped up, high in fats and protein ... tuna .. nuff said ... what about roe it has a massive 29g of protein in 100g ..
  • Glad you posted this ... I was going to say the same .... but though it might make me sound like some kind of unwelcome perv .... but I am a small boob guy as well ... they are far more athletic looking !
  • I replace them with disappointment and resignation ...... but then when I do let myself have them .. .they are freaking awesome and just not replaceable
  • what helped me is to personalize the disorder .... humanize it, give it a name treat it as a person . It becomes a lot easier to argue, bargain, compromise with. I got the idea from reading 2 books (1) Life without ED (2) the chimp paradox it might work for you it might not
  • :smiley: I thought the OP might get of the bike 1st to swing the weights .. but maybe I was just assuming that no one would be dumb enough to do that whilst cycling/running that said though I do go through a few yoga poses in the last 5 mins of the bike trainer as I cool down .. perhaps I should try one of the smaller…
  • It depends how untrained you are. cycling and running both apply a tiny amount of resistance to your legs compared to squatting a big arsed barbell .... its why you can run for 4 hours but you cant squat your body weight for 4 hours ! going on this you are in the realms of endurance slow twitch fiber training. you can…
  • it depends on whose "rules" you follow some say only 0 calorie liquids allowed ... some say up to 50kcal people set the limit on what you can consume based on there own preferences and call there version that .... there is probably some on on IF that eats all day long but keeps each each snack under 200kcal so its fasting…
  • 495lbs !!! A lot of men can only dream of deadlifting that sort of weight .. you are carrying around all day ! underneath your extra wrapping, you have some strong *kitten* bones and muscles .. the potential you are sitting on is massive. Lose that weight, preserve the muscle by eating a good amount of protein and work…
  • depends on how you define "burn" ..... sitting there doing nothing for an hour you chew through 70kcal .... standing up you get through 100kcal now are you burning 100kcal standing ? .... or just 30kcal ? which poses the question, when you go for a run and your garmin says you burn 300kcal ... is that 300kcal ontop of your…
  • 900cals of fat .... easy enough to do ... you will have to drop carbs to make up for it this is where your logging comes in handy .. start googling keto recipies
  • oh hey yeah ..... I do it for the entire weekend eat low cal mon-fri .. ramp up the fun for the weekend ..... just make sure your weekly average is on point ..... oh and dont dip too low during the weak or you will cave in and binge !
  • if you wait until you are thin .. then all the potential people NOW, will have moved on, and be with someone ... so getting rejected now, or dating tomorrow is still the same outcome ... you will be single. BUT !!!!!!!!! (I like to throw around big buts in MFP) if you date now ... by the time tomorrow comes you will (1) be…
  • I find nutrition a little like exercise If you have never run before, you dont just get up out the bed and go run 10k .. you build up to it ... run/walk 1k .... build up to 5k etc etc. same with nutrition ... go from eating 3000kcal of fastfood, sodas, packet products etc and try to drop to 1700kcal of lean meats and salad…
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  • Considering that a gram of carb and a gram of protein are 4 calories and a gram of fat is 9 cals. It becomes evident that if you want low carb, you need to eat snacks that are mainly protein or fat and if you want low cal you have to eat less of it. An easier question would be what low carb snacks are there for x number of…
  • there is a possibly you never were really your initial weight before you started maintanence. A lot of the time when in a deficit, you are low on glycogen, you are eating less carbs as you are trying to lose weight and your weight is artificially low to represent this. the second you go to maintanence, your body recovers,…
  • how long have you been lifting on sl5x5 ...... noticable results for me are normally 3 months apart. but when a small amount of muscle is covered by a layer of fat, you cant always see the results in all the places.
  • how big are your poos ? .... 10lbs is a 4.5kg poo ? ..... the equivalent to 4.5ltrs of water thats more than 2 large 2l bottles of coke ... thats 20 x 8oz steaks
  • assuming you are inputting your calories burnt correctly then yes you should eat them back ..... but I would hazzard a guess the majority of people massively over estimate the amount they burn thanks to excitable machines and how much energy is really needed to pick up a barbell 5 times every 3 minutes ... hence only…
  • the taco bell guy ?
  • oh to add .... the reason I do what I do seems to stem from the ideas in this book (3) the subtle art of not giving a f**k its helped me loads to care about the correct stuff for me and stop feeling like an entightled, victimised narcissist
  • hugs ! .... I know what you are feeling, I struggle with the same although I "fortunately" struggle with the other end of the situation and under eat to compensate, so I dont gain weight ! It is ruining your life, but opening up about it is the step you need to progress .. you need to choose a better peer group though than…