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  • Thanks so much. I've decided to do some reading on using fasting to break the binge cycle so I'll see how that goes. The frustrating thing is that I've lost 140 lbs and kept it off for more than 2 years. But lately it's all getting out of control again and I'm gaining, and desperately afraid of continuing to do so. Stress…
  • Hey guys, I'd like to join in. It hasn't been a binge free November, in fact, I binged today. It's been a lifelong struggle for me but I'm determined now to make permanent changes.
  • I cant stand stevia so i stick with aspartame. There's another one I don't mind, sucralose I think (it tends to be in the yellow packets, containers in the uk). I've tried stevia several times but can't get past the aftertaste. Some people don't seem to get an aftertaste with it though.
  • Meat replacement products are fine, in fact they make meeting protein goals a lot easier. Also, fish aren't a part of a vegetarian diet...and most meat replacement products I buy are low in fat. And why not the whole egg? To the op, I just kinda went cold turkey and skipped a transition period. That's just me though. I do…
  • Make a veggie wrap. I buy tesco sweet chilli wraps and fill them with whatever veggies and beans I have on hand. Sometimes just cheese and veggies. My fav combo is probably kidney beans, sliced red pepper, spinach, and soft cheese (with tabasco or chilli flakes as well). I just picked up some chutney the other day so might…
  • I enjoy savory oatmeal but never tried it like that. My go to is with an egg over easy, butter, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. I'll have to try it sometime with hummus.
  • I'd get peshwari naan and a salad. Indian food is all about naan bread to me so I wouldn't settle for anything else...lol, that may not be a help. Either way, enjoy your meal :)
  • Cornmeal made with cinnamon, vanilla, soya milk, butter, and honey <3
  • I've never been successful adding protein powder to Oatmeal which is why I resort to seeds to push the protein up. It may be the protein powder I use but it never mixes well and it ends up ruining the whole meal. I've never tried quest powder though, not sure if you can get it in the UK.
  • Salad with iceberg lettuce, sliced red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and chilli mayonnaise. 20 grams of pumpkin seeds as a snack :)
  • Generally I need to add seeds, nut butter, or an egg to be satisfied with oatmeal. The combination makes it pretty filling for me though. If I just had it without those additions, I agree I wouldn't be happy...saying that, I think I usually spend about 400-ish calories on a bowl
  • Banana + nutella works well too <3
  • http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/
  • Nothing fancy today, scrambled eggs with Quorn Ham cooked in olive oil. Eggs are my go to :)
  • Breakfast and/or dinner. I prefer a large breakfast but when socializing is involved I often have to save calories for dinner. I've cut right down on snacking but sometimes allocate calories for wine with dinner.
  • Spam and tuna cannot be included in a vegetarian diet. What you're suggesting just sounds like a very picky meat eater. If you eat any kind of seafood and omit other meat then you are pescatarian. Once you add spam you're an omnivore.
  • Depending on the day and where I am calorie wise, I range from using 65-100 grams of pasta. 65 is perfectly fine and filling but it probably wouldn't be on it's own. My pastas always have a sauce and loads of veggies. Sometimes I add veggie mince and top with cheese. In general I'd say the calorie count for the whole meal…
  • 2 egg omelette with 20 grams extra mature cheddar, sauteed spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms with 2 quorn sausages. Topped with salt and ketchup, so yummy!
  • If it's something I feel isn't worth the calories then I won't eat it. If you love it enough, then it's worth it (then it's a matter of cutting calories elsewhere to fit it in). If it's just the salt and crunch you're after then a small apple and salted cucumber with your soup or sandwich can fit the bill.
  • I would like to try out something like this. With a few tweaks, for one I'm a vegetarian so either all beans or beans & veggie mince. Also, not sure if I can get tostadas here in England, I wonder if regular tortillas would work...hm, might need to experiment a bit.
  • I wasn't sure what cacao was so I googled it, it's just chocolate then? Raw chocolate? I'm curious about all things chocolate so I'll be following this thread for ideas :)
  • Thanks for posting this. I'm afraid to make it though. There's a good chance I'd eat the whole recipe at once...
  • Thanks for the clarification. That's especially interesting about type 2 overproducing insulin. Never knew that...and I take care of a man with type 2 diabetes. I clearly need to hit the books some more lol.
  • Are you diabetic? If so, speak to your doctor about an appropriate diet. If you want to read more about diabetes then go here https://www.diabetes.org.uk/ or here http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Diabetes/Pages/Diabetes.aspx My (basic) understanding of diabetes is in type 1, the pancreas doesn't produce insulin and in type 2…
  • To whatever you're happy with and whatever you feel will be sustainable. Since you're on MFP you might want to try going by the suggested macro ratios but keeping an eye on your fat and protein (careful to hit minimums). You used the term cut though, which makes me think you're a lifter. If so, try putting your info into…
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  • I drink a soy protein shake sometimes and its not bad really. I mix it with water and don't notice a bit difference between mixing it with soy milk. This is the one I buy http://www.theproteinworks.com/soy-protein-90-isolate So far I've only tried the millionaires shortbread and the chocolate silk. The chocolate silk is…
  • Apple, avocado, spinach, soy milk, vanilla, honey. Varying amounts depending on calorie goals. Usually I use half avocado and half a small apple. About 15 grams of honey and about 30-50 grams of spinach. I also use only about 100 grams soy milk and the rest water. It's delicious and refreshing but it's something I consider…
  • Pasta is probably one of my favorite meal choices. I'm curious about the avocado sauce you mentioned, do you have a recipe for it?
  • On a heavy exercise day I'll eat most of those calories. So it will be about 1600-1700 net calories. I'll actually eat around 2100-2200 some days. Like, on a day that I'm working (on my feet for more than 10 hours and I have a fitbit) plus strength training and light cardio.