Any amazing additions for Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing?

bellabonbons Posts: 705 Member
For years I have used imported olive oil and imported ball sonic vinegar for salads. I like to keep it simple. So many creative cooks here... Has anyone discovered any amazing herbs or spices that you've added to olive oil and balsamic?


  • MissusMoon
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    fresh basil, garlic and sundried tomatoes (finely chopped).
  • snowflake930
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    minced shallots
  • rainbowbow
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    I add the following:
    chopped garlic
    olive oil
    italian seasoning
    dijon mustard
    tablespoon of parmesan
  • bellabonbons
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    All delicious. Thank you !
  • skinnyforhi
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    I like olive oil (or walnut oil), stoneground Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar (but I don't see why balsamic wouldn't work) garlic powder, black pepper and a dash of curry powder. Careful on the salt, depending on what mustard you use. My recipe is 1/2 cup oil, 2 Tbsp vinegar, 2Tbsp mustard, and eyeball the spices. I then have a Tablespoon of dressing a day on my lunch salad- that's enough.
  • JShailen
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    Mustard and some kind of sweetener.
  • caranais
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    Olive oil infused with lemon, and caramelised onion or shallot infused in the balsamic vinegar, make great salad dressings on their own or mixed together (a little salt and pepper if you like too). Lovely to dip crusty bread into if you have the spare calories, As the oil tastes lemony, very little is required for a great flavour. You can use it to marinate chops, or steak or chicken, It tenderises the meat too. Also the lemon oil is great if you like "zoodles", I steam them just a couple of minutes then toss in a little of the oil with salt and pepper for a great flavour with cooked king prawns in a little garlic and garden peas and broccoli. (you can half and half the zoodles with real spaghetti if you like - it lowers the calories but is still a great filler. A little lemon oil in plain steamed rice makes it more interesting and goes great with chicken, prawns or any fish really. Hope this helps a bit xxx
  • bellabonbons
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    Great ideas. Thank you.
  • RoteBook
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    Orange zest and juice
  • bellabonbons
    bellabonbons Posts: 705 Member
    Delicious ideas. Thank you .