Non-sugar sweetener closest to sugar taste



  • Carlos_421
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    Red_Pill wrote: »
    You know you could just use sugar it's not the end of the world if you do.

    For people like me who are insulin resistant it does make a whole world of difference!

    Yes, but OP didn't mention anything about insulin resistance and most people who start these kinds of threads aren't seeking advice because of insulin resistance.
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    I cant stand stevia so i stick with aspartame. There's another one I don't mind, sucralose I think (it tends to be in the yellow packets, containers in the uk).

    I've tried stevia several times but can't get past the aftertaste. Some people don't seem to get an aftertaste with it though.
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    Oh, monk fruit. Yeah, that one tastes really good. If I didn't use a stevia product, I would be using monk fruit.
  • vingogly
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    Monk fruit is the best in my opinion, stevia is second best. If I don't have access to either of them, I go for the sucralose (Splenda). There are mixes that combine the two of them that are good. I think erythritol is the least likely sugar alcohol to cause digestive upset; xylitol and sorbitol are the big culprits.
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    I find if I keep my protein intake relatively high I don't crave sugar at all. I've gone all my life without adding sugar to hot drinks as I just don't like it, but I still like something sweet now and then. In those situations I eat some dried fruit.
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    leaninsc wrote: »
    Anyone ever try monk sugar in the raw? I've never tried. But I've read it tastes better than stevia and is closer to a real sugar taste without the blood sugar level going through the roof.

    I found some of this and gave it a try because I wanted something with a brown-sugar flavor. I really like it, but it didn't have as much of the caramel flavor you get with brown sugar as I was hoping for.

    I use sucralose drops most of the time. Sometimes I use sugar free syrups like Mrs Butterworth Maple Syrup or Torani Sugar Free flavored syrups to jazz things up. I think most of them are sucralose-based.

    Can't stand Stevia. Tastes super bitter to me. And still prefer the Aspertame sweetened Diet Pepsi to the Splenda version. But not enough to quit drinking it!
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    There are different brands of stevia. My sister had one in a tiny bottle, because a tiny bit was really, really strong. I had a container of stevia which was more like powder which wasn't strong at all. Really did taste like sugar. I also had stevia drops which wasn't strong either. So it does matter which brand you get. Some taste pretty horrible, others taste pretty good.
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    I like Truvia the most, I'm addicted to the packets containing an erythritol and stevia blend. I also tried the baking blend which contains sugar and found it wasn't as sweet so I didn't get it again, although it didn't taste bad or anything! I find by itself erythritol isn't that sweet and (to me) neither is stevia, but together they're wonderful.
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    I'm another one who tastes a strong metallic taste with stevia - yuck! But Splenda seems fine to me. I guess taste buds are a very individual thing.
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    I'm a fan of the sucralose drops.