What is your largest meal typically?

rnnzo Posts: 17 Member
I tend to want more calories for the evening but I eat a pretty calorie dense breakfast relative to my daily goals. What tends to be your heaviest or biggest meal? How many calories do you usually eat for breakfast?


  • ibamosaserreinas
    ibamosaserreinas Posts: 294 Member
    I save about half of my daily calories for the evening. Breakfast is usually really low like about 200 - usually a protein shake with cold brewed coffee in it.

    I love eating at night. Snack. Snack. Snack.
  • abadvat
    abadvat Posts: 1,241 Member
    my post workout meals - just because i am hungrier that the usual.
  • Damien_K
    Damien_K Posts: 783 Member
    Dinner - 2400 cals give or take
  • AnvilHead
    AnvilHead Posts: 18,344 Member
    Largest meal is always dinner. Always. Usually in the range of 1200-1600 calories.
  • manto2112
    manto2112 Posts: 51 Member
    Usually lunch around 400 cals
    It does not sounds much but I only eat 1200 cals a day.
  • amusedmonkey
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    Usually lunch at around 600-1200 calories, but sometimes it's breakfast when I wake up hungry (doesn't happen often). My breakfast calories range from 5 calories to 800. I only have heavy dinners when I go out or when there is a planned dinner like for Christmas Eve, birthdays, evening grills, someone coming home late and bringing food..etc. Most other family gatherings are centered around lunch.
  • rhotrhowe326
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    My md told me to eat bfast like a queen; lunch like a princess; and dinner like a pauper. This is opposite of how I've eaten all my life. Any meal suggestions for a 1200/day diet plan. Also interested in six small meals.
  • asongforholly
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    I start out real light in the morning. Lunch is a little heavier, then dinner is my biggest with a snack planned in between dinner and bed. I heard the 'eat breakfast like a queen' thing before, but I can't eat a lot in the morning. Just eating something for breakfast is a new thing for me.
  • satisatisati
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    I keep myself starving all day so that I can eat big dinner and get nice sleep. Eat around 700 calories for dinner out of total budget of 2000
  • richardpkennedy1
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    Dinner is usually 700-800 calories. My daily max is 2000
  • Noreenmarie1234
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    Snack before bed usually 1000+
  • Francl27
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  • lemurcat12
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    Lunch -- I eat dinner late and am usually fine with making it light if I need to (and often want to). Lunch usually is at noon-ish and I don't eat again until after 9. Sometimes I break it up into a meal and a snack, though.

    The exception is that I often go out to eat (or have some other festive dinner, like the picnic planned for this evening if the weather cooperates) on the weekend so have an earlier larger dinner which would be my largest meal (lunch is then lighter).
  • sunnybeaches105
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    My cheat meals, but seriously, dinner
  • rainbowbow
    rainbowbow Posts: 7,491 Member

    I probably eat less than 500 calories all day long, then i hit the gym, when i get home i have dinner and dessert at around 800-1,200-ish calories
  • cityruss
    cityruss Posts: 2,493 Member
    Evening meal for me.
  • LUHAN27
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  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Usually skip breakfast.

    Dinner (night) is always the largest meal. It's the only thing I really consider a 'meal'.
  • Lounmoun
    Lounmoun Posts: 8,426 Member
    Lunch and dinner are when I eat most of my calories. Usually dinner is slightly larger.
  • JShailen
    JShailen Posts: 184 Member
    Breakfast and/or dinner. I prefer a large breakfast but when socializing is involved I often have to save calories for dinner. I've cut right down on snacking but sometimes allocate calories for wine with dinner.