What is your largest meal typically?



  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    Hmm...I guess they get spread out pretty evenly most of the time (+/- 100 calories), but if I have extra calories to eat up from activity, then I guess dinner gets bigger. But not usually volume wise, just more calorie dense.
  • janejellyroll
    janejellyroll Posts: 25,878 Member
    Dinner is almost always my heaviest meal of the day -- usually have 700 to 1,200 calories for dinner.
  • SuzySunshine99
    SuzySunshine99 Posts: 2,849 Member
    I eat small breakfasts and lunches (about 250 calories for each) so that I can have 1,000 left for dinner/dessert.
    It really depends on your lifestyle and what works for you and helps you stick to your calorie goals.
  • elkhunter7x6
    elkhunter7x6 Posts: 88 Member
    Supper,its usally 800-1000 of my 2050 calories
  • powered85
    powered85 Posts: 297 Member
    between lunch and dinner. Usually run at lunch so end up eating a lot in the afternoon after my recovery meal/snack. Working on balancing it better though....
  • Dayle1984
    Dayle1984 Posts: 70 Member
    Just checked and I am usually around 300 breakfast, 400 lunch, 400 dinner, and the rest is snacks... so pretty balanced!
    ROBOTFOOD Posts: 5,527 Member
    Post lift. 2,800 cal yesterday. 6k for the day. (Yolo Powerlifting bulk/recomp)
  • mbeuchert24
    mbeuchert24 Posts: 204 Member
    During my son's football season Lunch is typically my biggest meal. I eat a smallish breakfast, and then by the time I get home from football practice I'm too tired to cook a full meal, so I'll have a salad or a sandwich or leftovers if available. Otherwise dinner is my bigger meal.
  • biggsterjackster
    biggsterjackster Posts: 419 Member
    Lunch with about 600 cals is the biggest. Breakfast is 2nd with 300, Dinner the smallest with 200. i love to go to bed a little hungry.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,191 Member
    Depends on the day...it's very much variable and also irrelevant.
  • LyiannaTameka
    LyiannaTameka Posts: 34 Member
    I typically eat around 1100-1200 calories. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner I try to make all 300 calories or less. That leaves me with 200-300 calories for snacks and I'd usually have fruit which is low calorie anyway (an apple, watermelon, maybe some ryvita with flora spread). I'm very simple and basic with my food & calories. However, sometimes I allow my dinners to be as high as 400 calories with lower cal breakfast & lunch options. I'd rather have higher calorie dinners and dinner is my favourite meal.
  • AwesomeSquirrel
    AwesomeSquirrel Posts: 585 Member
    The most I eat in one sitting is for lunch, around 550 kcal on a regular day. It makes sense for me as I find I sleep better without a heavy meal in the evening and that also sets me up for eating on my regular schedule the next day.

    I tend to have a green smoothie (200sih kcal) for an afternoon snack, around 300-400 kcal for dinner and then an evening snack at around 200 kcal (peanut butter + apple, chia pudding, banana snicker bite).
  • salembambi
    salembambi Posts: 5,605 Member
    dinner & nighttime snacks are where i eat most of my calories
  • ccrdragon
    ccrdragon Posts: 3,303 Member
    I eat two meals a day (plus a snack between) - dinner is always the biggest meal at between 700 and 900 calories.
  • Timshel_
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  • girl_inflames
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    I save between 500-700 calories for dinner usually (out of a total of 1300). I'm lazy with dinner and tend to let my roomie cook so I don't often count the calories. (I'm just careful with the portion)
  • Emily3907
    Emily3907 Posts: 1,460 Member
    Dinner/Dessert. I am a daily dessert eater and generally I eat most of my calories after 4PM through dinner and dessert. Usually around 800-900 calories total for the two.
  • jdhcm2006
    jdhcm2006 Posts: 2,295 Member
    Dinner and snacks. I like to snack in the evenings, so I save calories for that purpose.
  • CrabNebula
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  • xvolution
    xvolution Posts: 721 Member
    My largest is usually breakfast, since I work dayshifts and I need the extra energy to get through.