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  • If you're still here, what percentage of carbs/fats/protein did you aim for? Im looking to drop my fat percentage massively, but i have a fair bit of muscle underneath after weight training for around 5-6 months without eating at a calorie deficit. Now i am eating a high protein, low carb but finding it hard to avoid going…
  • Yes mate, counting calories is 100% the way to go. Just make sure you are well under your calories required to function each day according to you TDEE and you should see results pretty quickly. I lost 21 pounds in 10 weeks as an example, that included walking daily (for work) and running three/four times a week and eating…
  • For people like us relapsing is incredible difficult, especially when you reach your starting point again. I have just come through the other side again (lost loads 4 years ago and slowly regained) and since January i have been on a massive health kick to the point i am running further than ever and looking better too. I…
  • Hi there. First off, as someone who has lost, and gained, and lost, and gained, and lost again, life is always going to be a struggle for the likes of us. We don’t have super fast motabilism. We find it hard to lose weight and super easy to put it back on. So there are really, really simple steps you can take to change…
  • Calorie counting is 100% the way forward. Google TDEE Calculator, get a cheap fitness watch that estimates your calories, do exercise 2/3 times a week and stay under your calorie goal and you’ll get there in no time. Allow yourself a saturday night cheat meal but try and log everything you eat. It helps you understand…
  • It might not be your cup of tea but me and my partner have taken on a 30 day challenge of 100 burpees a day. We completed day 7 today and its almost like we have to do it, i posted it on facebook and for a laugh a few people keep checking we’re doing it so we can’t give up. At the very least if you don’t do any extra…
  • Down from nearly 16 stone at my worst to just above 13 stone. To now, still a work in progress. Many months to go.
  • Nearly a three stone loss so far. I would like to go further but with two kids and a garden to work on for the summer i am finding less and less time each week to work out! My partner needs time to work out when i am home from work too so its hard right now!
  • Don’t let one bad day set you back. Try and fit foods you cannot do without into your calorie count. Have cheat meals (Saturday works best for me). Try and get as much exercise in as possible, even stuff at home helps like pressups and lunges. Goodluck!
  • Really well done. You look great. This is mine, started at 16 stone and down to just over 13st now.
  • I reached my best weight in 10 years by calorie counting. I was still eating carbs to the same ratio as before. Each to their own!
  • Okay, well. I have been maintaining for 6 weeks now, and I'm pretty bad at it. I literally go back to snacking some evenings, pigging out fri/sat/sun and just in general neglecting my old routine. The only thing that helps is my job (walking 15k steps by 1pm every day as a postman) so that ensures i can mostly stay at my…
  • So if you are 7 stone 11 now, why are you aiming to lose another 5 pounds and putting yourself in the underweight bracket?? If you want to look fitter then you have to eat more to fuel your work outs and hit the gym harder.
  • 1) Patience. Patience. Patience. 2) My advice is simple. Work out how many calories your body needs and take 1000 calories off it. Measure to the ultimate best the amount of calories every food that enters your mouth for just 28 days and you will be on your way. Accept that at least twice a week you will go over your…
  • Im not just saying it but you can see a difference. Its really hard to see because you lose fat and muscle pretty evenly over your body, but keep on going. The first month is always the best if you stick to your plan, you just can't lose hope if you have a bad week here and there. Its fine to fall off the wagon for a few…
  • Cheers ill look into it... Bless ya thanks.
  • Before when i weighed over 15.5 stone at christmas time (started the weightloss mid febuary) To now where i weigh 12st13 (182 pounds). I have lost 2 stone and 8 pounds or 36 pounds :)
  • The first month is always great weight loss wise if you stick to your calorie goal. The challenge comes when you think you have had a good week, but the scales don't move! If this happens then try again and keep going. In 4 months i have had this happen twice where i have felt really demotivated from no weight loss and…
  • Listen, this isn't going to change in 3 weeks or even 2-3 months. This is a lifestyle choice for at least 6-7-8 months. The longer you do it for the easier it gets, you get into a routine and it gets easier to say no, i promise you that. I have been going for 3 months now and i have lost 2.5 stone so i know what you're…
  • Im pretty much stay on track calories wise monday to friday, then try and limit my calories saturday breakfast and lunch and then go pig crazy on my dinner. Usually a takeaway of some sort followed by dessert or icecream. I usually consume 3000+ on this day, haha. Even the followingg Sunday i have a bacon sandwich and…
  • You're doing great mate. Keep it up and you'll easily get there.
  • Weighing food Patience - this will take 6 months of a dieting routine Treat days at the weekend are fine. Try and keep active as best you can, doesnt need to be over the top or too hard... Just something. Even if its a 15 minute jog with breaks of walking and doing it twice a week.
  • Look, you're doing very well already. You have lost nearly 20 pounds??? Be proud of the progress you have done and committed to and enjoy the weekends for what they are. The other point is your weight loss each week is based on a 7 day average, so if you want you can allocate more calories to the weekend and cut 100 or 200…
  • I have a long way to go, but I'm happy with my progress so far. Its getting harder and harder to keep up with the progression though, or its taking longer and longer to see minor differences but im determined to get there.
  • I've lost two stone, i reaaally want to be able to say "I've lost 3 stone" so that's what's motivating me at the moment.
  • Have a can of tinned soup for dinner. Under 200 calories most of them and take that hungry feeling away.