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  • Beka - LOVE this idea! Just what I wanted and needed. Thanks, Pam
  • Hi Beka, I wish to be taken out indefinitely, until I am ready to commit to the process. If you need to completely remove me from the team, I do understand. I can always reconnect with y'all when I am ready. Thanks!!
  • Pamela_Sue I everyone! Would you please put me on vacation, or something similar? I'm overwhelmed with life right now and need a break. Thanks! Pam
  • Pamela_Sue Monday weigh-in PW: 237.5 CW: 237.5 Another week of hope!!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday weigh in: PW: 235 CW: 237.5 SO sorry, I totally forgot to send in my numbers this week. One again, I am heading in the wrong direction. But I'm still here and still not giving up.
  • Pamela_Sue PW: 227 CW: 235 Holy cow - what is my problem? I am finally over the flu, but still have this cough. I am stuck home and been eating snacks and junk like there is no tomorrow. My volunteer work at church needs to be completed before Saturday and I am major stressing. This too shall pass - take care everyone!!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday weigh-in PW: 227 CW: 227 Still recovering from the flu. Had to take my dad to the ER yesterday and they wouldn't even allow me to sit in the waiting room since I still have a cough. So I waited in my car. Strange times, indeed! Doctor told me to take it easy this week, and I am. Bye!!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday weigh-In PW: 229.5 CW: 227 Currently on Day 5 of the flu, hence the weight loss. So much for getting a flu shot. I am miserable and not eating much, but not tracking calories either. I lost my streak in MFP, but it's happened before, so I'm okay with that. Bye!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday Weigh-In PW: 230.5 CW: 229.5 Still slogging along. I am usually retired and at home, but my volunteer job at the church library is in moving mode, so I am working 4 days per week for at least another month.
  • Pamela_Sue Monday Weigh-In PW: 233 CW: 230.5 Still way up from my 224.5 low back in November, but not giving up!!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday Weigh-In PW: 231.5 CW: 233
  • Pamela_Sue Monday Weigh In: PW: 227.5 CW: 231.5 Ouch! Gained 4 pounds. I did have Panda Express Chinese yesterday with lots of soy sauce, so hopefully it is mostly water weight. We shall see. I am working several days a week for the next 2 months at my volunteer church library job. Very tired and stressed, but will do what…
  • I don't see much difference in the abdomen area, but it appears to me that your waistline is much smaller and that your rear end is more lifted with more of a curvature from rear end to lower back and waist area. I'm not really comfortable commenting on others shapes, and you look fine in both photos.
  • Pamela_Sue Monday weigh-in: PW: 229 pounds CW: 227.5 pounds I had a very successful week, until yesterday. Went out to lunch after church, but stayed on my plan. THEN last night I really went off the wagon and ate and ate. My first time trying hummus. While it was good enough, it wasn't great, but I still pigged out on…
  • You might try You can see real photos of other women that are your height. Interesting web-site.
  • SO happy for you! You have been an inspiration with your insightful posts this past year. I've enjoyed watching you overcome some struggles and difficult times and keep on, keeping on. Way to go !!!!
  • I wish I could offer some help, but am sending support. I have diabetes and moderate hypoglycemia. I have been dieting for about a year now, and have definitely noticed that my hypoglycemia crops up much more often when I am losing weight. I have to find a very fine line between protein, moderate carbs, keeping my calories…
  • Pamela-Sue Monday PW: 231 CW: 229 Still 4.5 pounds above my low in mid November. I am back on track with my daytime eating, but struggling with night time snacking. On a good note, I exercised on my seated elliptical trainer on Friday and Saturday - first time exercising since mid-August. Onward and downward!!
  • Pamela_Sue Monday PW: 229 CW: 231 Spent much time at the folks as my dad had his 4th surgery in 4 weeks, and my mom has dementia. Overwhelmed, overstressed and overate. End of story.
  • Pamela_Sue Monday PW: 231 CW: 229 I was looking at my weight report and realized that I first reached 228.5 pounds waaaay back in late September 2019. It has been in incredibly difficult season of life for me these past months, the worst in about 20 years, and I have struggled to stay on my program. Sometimes the fear…
  • It depends on your ability to keep sweets in the house without overeating. I struggle with this, so I find something I like, but do not love. For chocolate I keep pudding cups in the fridge cause I'll only eat one. And every 2 or 3 weeks, I will buy a 2-pack of Chilly Cow Ice Cream, but don't buy more cause I'll eat it…
  • No matter the type of diet selected, it all comes down to calories expended. Have you input your stats? It will give your daily calorie goal to follow.
  • Hello and welcome! By posting here, you have just introduced yourself. You can post again in the same Introduce Yourself board with an "Introducing Myself" title of your choice and include more information if you wish. To track weight, click on My Home, then click on Check-In tab. You can post your weight daily if you…
  • CW: 231 pounds I am up this week. I am going through an extremely difficult and dark time in my life right now. Staying on plan has taken a back seat, but I'm not giving up. That's all I've got for today. Bye!
  • It all comes down to being in a calorie deficit for weight loss, regardless of the type of diet you choose to follow. If you do well with low calorie, then do that. Find your best success!
  • Hello! For me, I was unable to jump entirely into losing weight mode while also changing to organic at the same time. Over the past year+ I made incremental changes to my method of eating and the foods I intake. I learned early on I could only be successful by making one change at a time. Now that I am happy with my food…
  • Okay, the power just went out, so let me try this again. CW: 228 Down another pound, but still above my low November weight. I am thankful to just be maintaining as I have been caring for my elderly parents. My Dad is having his 3rd surgery in 11 days. Supposed to be out-patient, but so was the 1st surgery, which resulted…
  • Hi everyone. CW: 229 I can only assume it is correct as I am weighing at my folks house, so I bumped it up a bit. Plus I overate last week and lost some water weight. Very stressful week. My Dad had emergency surgery Thursday for a huge kidney stone, then another surgery Friday for blood clots (due to his heart meds), and…
  • Okay, here I am again. CW - 235 I have gained 10.5 pounds in the last month. But today I am back at it. Perhaps I had my 'holiday fall off the wagon' early this year. I already ate my holiday goodies I had purchased for between Christmas and New Year's and will attempt to buy no more extra goodies this season.
  • Oh, must I post? CW: 233.5 I finally got batteries for my scale and I have gained 9 pounds over the last 3 or 4 weeks. Usually I struggle with either meals, or snacks, but I have been struggling with both. But I am here posting and not going to run away. We shall see what this week brings. Well, this is me being…