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  • I started 30 day shred this month as it fitted the 30 days for June. This is my 4th time at it and I've also done ripped in 30 twice, I do love both workouts a lot.
  • Feel free to add me if you feel I'm geeky enough, I love my ps4 and I'm currently readdicted to Skyrim and I'm a huge Witcher 3 fan. I cross stitch and I'm manically crocheting blankets for Christmas pressies. I love Harry Potter, The Script, long dog walks and at 44 I'm learning to drive and next year me and my hubby are…
  • I have had this since Friday, its driving me mad! I've tried everything, hoping it sorts itself out soon!
  • I've just bought a concept 2 and I've just got my bedroom sorted so I can get it out easy now and get it put away. I've checked out the Pete Plan but I'm going to drop the starting distance down to 3000 metres but I like the look of the variation of stuff to do on it as I'm not really sure what I can do with it. Planning…
  • Just go by the colour of your pee, if it's nice and pale your getting enough fluids and you have nothing to worry about if it a dark orange then you need work on it. You can Google for pee colour charts too.
  • Me and my hubby went on holiday a few weeks ago and did a 13 mile walk along the coastal path to a Coverack and 2 days later a 12 1/2 miles walk to the Lizard, both in Cornwall, UK. We got to see some gorgeous views that you could only see from these paths and it's a nice to sit and enjoy the view after a big climb.
  • I'm 5ft 6in and my goal is 140-145lbs. That will be a comfy size 10 (US size 6) sometimes the next size down. Any lower and I look ill, very gaunt in my face and my curves go.
  • I'm in Wiltshire anyone can feel free to add me. I started focussing on losing weight when i turned 40 I did and kept it all off and then in the space of 3 months (end of Jan and end of Apr) we lost my Nan and then my father in law, it was the worst time ever and I gained about 20lbs. I'm now back on track and have 13lbs…
  • I'm in Wiltshire in the UK
  • Mine have been a bit all over the place for the last few years so it makes it difficult for me to know when mines on its way. With my last one I gained 4lbs and then held onto it for 3 days after everything had finished and then steadily lost that gain over 5 days. Just going to add here I weigh everyday because I want to…
  • Waves from Wiltshire
  • I'm in Wiltshire, the south west of the UK. I've been playing a week now but this weekend the servers have been down everytime I've gone out, most people in the UK only downloaded it Thursday, I'm hoping tomorrow when I go out it might be a bit quieter.
  • My heaviest weight was 233lbs, last summer I was between 140-144lbs and a UK size 10-12 (US 6-8) but due to 2 close family loses in the space of 3 months and I had a gain of 20lbs (now down to 15.2lbs) and I want back to the 140-144lb bracket, i did go lower than that but I looked gaunt and found I got obsessed with going…
  • Me and my dog are loving it, right now we walk round and go to the pokéstops (I have a 14 stop walk that I've tried to do the last 2 days and both days the servers went down) and I collect any Pokémon that pop up I have nothing high enough to fight at a gym yet so I'm just collecting and walking and in my first week of…
  • Mine was like this a few weeks ago, I ended up resetting my one quite a few times daily and then suddenly it's been OK. I didn't lose any steps or info by resetting my one.
  • I use my wrist strap at night as I use the alarm on my one and track my sleep, I don't like things on my wrist due to having a bad break years ago. If you want to wear it on your wrist then I'd say you'd be better looking at the flex, HR or surge which are designed to be worn on the wrist.
  • I've done the shred twice and I'm starting again today, I've done it the right way which was good as I felt and saw myself getting better at it each day and I've also done it by rotating each day so day 1-wk 1, day 2-wk 2, day 3-wk 3, day 4-wk 1, day 5-wk 2, you see the pattern it stops the boredom. I'm starting it again…
  • Restarting the 30DS again tomorrow, this will be my 3rd time now.
  • Tell me about it, I had to buy a bag just because I can't fit anything In my pockets anymore, 4 fingers is how big my pockets a
  • I'm still loving Jillian's workouts but have since done ripped in 30 and now doing that again but rotating the weeks, I love what she's helped me do to my body, it's so firm now.
  • I did the shred for 60 days and here are my results I'm now on week 2 of Ripped in 30
  • I think its personal choice, tomorrow I will have done 60 days straight, I've kept good form, had no injuries and kept going. If you need a break take one, listen to your body.
  • For me the one is perfect, I don't like things on my wrist and I just clip my one on my bra and forget about it. It tracks my sleep at night with the wrist band. It comes down to what your looking for.
  • I used to love a good scratch, you know that moment when you take your bra off at the end of the day the relief, that's when I'd have a back scratching session, I just can'r do it now, it just doesn't feel the same anymore, I don't like the feel of my bones.
  • I'm really interested what you guys plan on doing next, you've got to keep it going now. I just decided to repeat on a 1, 2, 3 rotation, D 51 today L3 only 3 more rotations and I'll be 60 days shredded. I have ripped in 30 ready to start when I'm done.
  • I'm still walking around, I may have even ran chasing my dog a few times and I've done 43 days straight today, the first 30 done as they should be and the last 13 on a rotation 1,2,3 rpt. I use some hair ties from Sweaty Betty to tie my hair in the nape of my neck, I'm afraid I can help with the sweating my head always…
  • I bought some shorts (uk12) and a bikini top today, just for in the garden, the shorts are big in the waist but snug in the leg but in a few more months I plan on being in a comfy UK 10.