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  • I was told (supporting literature and by my endocrinologist) to take Synthroid on an empty stomach with a full glass of water, wait one hour for any food and 4 hours before taking any vitamins/supplements. My husband takes his at night at least 2 hours after his last meal/snack, which was approved by his endocrinologist as…
  • I'm on of those who is crazy obsessed with never going over 140. in fact, I like to always be under 120 at 1 hour post-meal and back under 100 at 2 hours post-prandial. The study your doctor is referring to is ACCORD, which was designed to see if lowering A1c to 6.5%, instead of the ADA's recommended 7.0%, could prevent…
  • yep, I can't eat oatmeal...or grains in general. All but a very small serving (a tablespoon or so...why bother?) send me above 140, so I strictly avoid them. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I brought my lipid panel into line by following a low carb/moderate protein/high fat way of eating. Triglycerides in particular…
  • Nice work! You may see the neuropathy symptoms decrease as you spend more time in the 5% Club. As far as what you do now...you keep on keepin' on. You have a chronic condition that needs to be managed (depressingly) for the rest of your life. Yes, keep testing. If you don't test, how will you know if things are changing…
  • It's a lot of fun to say Neener, neener - pass the bacon, butter and heavy cream :-) Starting --> 6 months -->1 year --> 18 months Total Cholesterol - 207 --->172 -->161 -->162 HDL - 37 --> 40 --> 53 -->57 LDL - 136 --> 109 --> 89 --> 93 Triglycerides - 169 --> 116 --> 86 --> 62 RATIOS: Your Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio is:…
  • I certainly agree with you in that I hate seeing new members of the club no one wants to join! The article states that he had higher than normal numbers for years and that drives home the point that pre-diabetes is like being a little bit pregnant. I think Alec Baldwin did a bit better job of explaining pre-diabetes and…
  • ^ I do this as well, but also log my readings under "Check-In" It's easy to add an additional measurement (just follow the link "track additional measurements" and then I'm able to run reports.
  • It does go away as your body gets used to lower blood glucose. There's no need to treat it, but if you are truly feeling awful, you can treat it. the key to treating a hypo - real or false - is to eat only enough to bring glucose levels up slightly. Over-treating either sets you up for an ugly roller coaster ride with…
  • "My doctor said, 'If you can weigh what you weighed in high school, you'll essentially be healthy and not have Type 2 diabetes," Hanks explained I do agree about his outlook but reading things like the above quote really irritates me.
  • Both blood sugar and triglycerides correlate directly to carbohydrate consumption. ALL carbs- not just added sugar, but also the natural sugar in fruits, the starch in grains and legumes - ALL carbs. Fat, on the other hand, doesn't raise blood sugar at all, so French fries are a poor choice, but bacon is not. I second a…
  • In for October! Doing my first 5K run/walk on 10/6
  • Such great progress! With your attiutde, you'll continue to see improvement!!
  • I'm another who doesn't track cholesterol intake. i don't believe (for me) that dietary cholesterol has much impact on srum cholesterol. I track fat to make sure I'm getting enough, but don't track saturated v. mono/pufa either, although I do try to avoid PUFA's and trans-fats. I did slash carbohydrate intake, now get 3-7…
  • I've lost 129 pounds since 1/12, stabilized my blood sugar, improved my lipid panel tremendously and quit taking diabetic medication.
  • What are you eating for dinner? It's not so much eating late (I often eat dinner at 9-10PM) but what you are eating.
  • This is true! Blood sugar is effected by carbs. Which carbs should be avoided and which carbs should be moderated is something you have to decide for yourself based on your own personal sensitivity, activity level and medications. Do you have a meter? If not, Walmart's ReliOn meter and strips are quite inexpensive - often…
  • That's awesome! You're an excellent example of what you can do if you set your sights on a goal. Well done.
  • Awesome! I've been pill free for a couple of months now and it truly is a great motivator!
  • I use a scoop of borax in all my loads. Anything that doesn't then pass the smell test gets the ammonia treatment...which truly does work every time.
  • bloodsugar101.com - this site was (literally) a lifesaver upon diagnosis.
  • Upping fat intake is also what's worked for me. I've lost weight, normalized blood sugar levels and greatly improved my lipid panel.
  • Great suggestion from Gentyl! It's imperative that a low-carb diet also be higher in fat if you're to have any chance of staying with it long term. Fat is very satisfying and just plain feels decadent. What type of carbs are you craving? I've found subs for many that are every bit as satisfying - even more satisfying when…
  • Same for me. I wear shoes at the gym, but not to use my own elliptical at home. I have 2 herniated discs and the elliptical is my go to cardio because it doesn't aggravate my back
  • Awesome progress...and attitude! You will, indeed, succeed!
  • 100% This! Using a meter to establish your own list of what to eat when is priceless! I, personally, found out that breakfast must be very low-carb (under 10 total carbs) as my insulin resistance is highest in the morning. Lunch can be from 15-20 total carbs and dinner is my splurge meal at 10-25 carbs. Lots of vegetables,…
  • Brooks glycerin. Just bought 2 more pairs on clearance becasue I'm terrified they'll be discontinued and I'll have to search for the perfect shoe again
  • I have a Sole E35 and love it. Expensive, but it was one of the few home machines rated for my beginning weight. It's gotten use from at least 1 person daily for more than 1.5 years and is still sturdy, quiet and smooth.
  • I had practically the same thing happen last week. Two uppity little things looked, laughed and then one said to the other (in an uppity, sing-song voice) " I don't think it's woooooorrrr - kkkkking" with a wink and nudge to the other. I was THIS close to heaving a barbell at them .... or dissolving into tears ... or…