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  • I think most people get taught a decent overview of nutrition. Fruit and veggies = good. Lots of sugary stuff and fried foods = bad. Balanced diet = good. What is severely lacking is education about weight management. How calories work, what TDEE means, how to manage your weight safely and healthily (avoid crash and fad…
  • Here are some thoughts: - Losing 1-2lbs per week is realistic for most people who are not extremely obese. Losing more than 5lbs a month simply isn't realistic for some people, especially sedentary women. - Using a scale for all solid foods may seem tedious, but it'll make your calorie count waaaay more accurate. It's also…
  • I assume it's a biological urge that is stronger in some people. I have two dogs. One dog likes to slowly nibble away at her kibbles. She takes a few bites, wanders away, then comes back and has a few more. It takes her about 10 minutes to eat. And when she's done, there's still about 1/6 of the kibbles left in her bowl.…
  • I usually have breakfast around 10-11am, lunch at 2pm and dinner at 6pm. So my eating window is around 7 hours. This works well for me for both weight loss and maintenance. :)
  • Cheat days seem to be mainly common among restrictive dieters. People who deprive themselves of certain foods (or food groups) or excessively restrict calories. They have cheat days to keep their sanity during their torturous weight loss journey. And cheat days are often regretted because they're more like a binge than…
  • What is your height, weight and activity level like? Do you sit down most of the day?
  • I had a c-scope last year. I found the fasting a breeze since I already do IF and OMAD once and a while. Even the diarrhea wasn't bad. The laxatives they gave me were gentle (Duxolax and Picosalax I think) and I had no trouble with cramps or urgency. The worst part of the whole thing was waiting in the hospital for 3 hours…
  • How are beans 'devoid of micros'? A one-cup serving size of cooked kidney beans contains about:* 219 calories * 39.7 grams carbohydrates * 16.2 grams protein * 0.2 gram fat * 16.5 grams fiber * 131 micrograms folate (33 percent DV) * 5.3 milligrams iron (29 percent DV) * 0.6 milligram manganese (28 percent DV) * 0.5…
  • I find that meal-prepping really helps me stay on track. I prepare large batches of food, calorie count them, and portion them out into servings kept in the fridge and freezer. My husband and I always have a quick lunch or dinner to grab, no temptation to pick up fast food or junk. The money savings are awesome too.
  • I do weekly meal-preps. For lunch, I might have: - Curries - Soups - Stews - Quiche - Chili - Sandwiches - Deviled eggs - Pulled pork - Chicken & rice dishes Really... the sky's the limit.
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  • My favourite website for busting diet/fitness myths is If you use their Search function you can find a ton of great articles with scientific references. I personally avoid talking diet with friends and coworkers, it's like opening a can of worms.
  • It's not all about calories when it comes to satiety, volume matters too. Eating 500 calories of spinach is much different than 500 calories of fried chicken. And 500 calories of spinach, although 'healthier', would upset my stomach way more than the fried chicken. Eating too much fruit/veg at once could be fiber overload…
  • Sounds like little balls of fat. My husband lost about 100lbs and can now feel them on the underside of his upper arms.
  • What didn't work: - Keto - Crash diets What did work: - Intermittent fasting (basically just eating breakfast later in the day) - Calorie counting with a moderate deficit - Staying accountable (taking ownership of bad days, always weighing in regularly, getting back on the horse) - Finding ways to be more active every day…
  • The only thing it will do is make you drop 'poop' weight and 'water' weight, barely any actual 'fat' weight. And you'll most likely be so ravenous after you finish your fast, that you'll quickly undo any deficit you caused. It's really pointless. The best way to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF is to build sustainable, simple…
  • Stick to the plan and be patient. :) Grab a free weight-trending app like HappyScale or Libra and chart your daily/weekly weigh-ins. Then take a look at your trend line at the end of the month to see how you're progressing. Good luck!
  • I don't see anything wrong with that, it's none of their business. I hate the unsolicited advice too.
  • Vaseline is just a barrier substance (occlusive). It's pretty neutral in any effect it has on the skin, aside from trapping moisture on the skin. I like using it on cuts and scrapes to promote moist healing (keeps the area moist and keeps germs out). I have an allergic reaction to Polysporin, so I use Vaseline instead and…
  • One step at a time... you can do this. Best of luck to you. <3
  • I did keto for a year, lost 15lbs. I enjoyed the lack of bloating/gas and the stable hunger/energy levels. Ultimately, I missed carbs a lot (the cravings never went away), and my cheat meals turned into cheat weeks into cheat months... before I knew it, I regained those 15lbs because I was eating way too many of the carbs…
  • 1. Instant Pot (makes meal-prepping so much easier) 2. Food scale (obvious) 3. Mio (makes water taste better) 4. Audible (makes walking so much more enjoyable) 5. Pickles (tasty, low-calorie snack)
  • Here's a very good writeup on the pros/cons of taking a multi:
  • You may find better luck with a general low-carb approach, aiming for 50-100g of carbs per day. This gives you a lot more flexibility and variety in your diet, and the nice hunger curbing effect should stick around. I also tried keto and found it too restrictive. Now I eat around 100-150g of carbs every day and have no…
  • Here are some of mine to add to the list. - Moderation is key: enjoy treats, junk food, fast food in moderation, while fitting them into your calorie goal. - Find foods that satiate you. Personally, I find that high-protein & high-fibre meals are great for controlling hunger. - Don't drink your calories often. Stick with…
  • I'm surprised I haven't seen any elderly relatives post this on Facebook yet...
  • Meat and pure fats/oils don't have carbs... And there's no such thing as good or bad carbs.
  • 20lbs... at 5'7", my highest weight was 160lbs, currently around 140lbs. I'd like to lose 10 more!