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    Update: Finally called my wellness nurse and confessed how much trouble I am in. I am to start writing my emotional state down before I eat, and see if I can short circuit the bingeing and self-sabotage. She will also check with the counselor to see if I can get into see her, although financially I have no clue I how I can do it. One step at a time, i guess.

    In all honesty, I'm not looking forward to doing this. I don't enjoy working on emotional stuff. As I told my nurse, I know I have driven my car into a ditch, but I don't want to get out and push because it's messy, hard work, and no fun!

    One step at a time... you can do this. Best of luck to you. <3
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    Jen - I happened to catch a YouTube lecture, part of a series on the psychology of eating and a speaker was discussing amino acids (gotten in food or supplements) that help with different things like anxiety, mood swings, etc. she mentioned bi-polar, but I didn’t really catch it. But it made me think of you. Anyway, Her name is Trudy Scott, you can google and see if there’s anything of interest in her work. She got my interest with glutamine that is said to help with cravings and binging.

    Here’s a link to the conference if you’re interested:

    The website for the host is:

    May be some Free or cheap take-aways, or not. I hope it helps.
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    Coachjen, please give us an update. We are worried about you. Hope that your Saturday went better.
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    This is the book that helped me out of a very similar hell hole
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    Prayers for you, @CoachJen71. I know you are scared. Please, please talk to your nurse tomorrow. There must be some way for you to seek medical care. We are all rooting for you!
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    The struggle is real. MFP can be a slippery slope with EDs. I don't have any advice bc I struggle with being too militant sometimes too. But I hear you!
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    Glad to hear you made it to your nurse'a appointment and things are moving forward.

    ((( <3))), h.
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    I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Find someone to help you with this we're here for you.