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  • I'd take those estimates with a grain of salt, they are wildly inaccurate. I generally wouldn't log every little thing you go about doing during the day. It creates a false sense of security that you can indeed eat those 1600 calories and either slow your weight loss or actually cause you to gain weight. I would only log…
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  • Yeah that's what I do with a lot of things. Just remember that nutrition labels, unless otherwise noted, represent the calories AS IS when you purchased the product. Things like meats that are cooked will have different weights before and after cooking. I encourage people to weight the raw food prior to cooking and then…
  • Can I ask why you've been afraid of a calorie surplus if your entire goal has been to put on weight?
  • I LOOOVE calzones/strombolis! I might have to cave and do this tonight :D
  • Stick to things you will look forward to eating. I make almost the same breakfast daily, either eggs w/ sausage and an english muffin or kodiak pancakes. I usually tweak these depending on my planned carbs for the day. Lunch has been premade salads from Aldi/Walmart/Hyvee. They are so convenient and taste great. This is…
  • Don't bother with the fresco menu unless you just have a preference for the flavor. It's in no way any better than the items it pretends to replace. Unless you've highly restricted your day so far to save up calories for taco bell, your best bet is just getting crunchy or soft tacos. Alternatively you could get away with 1…
  • I think even Burger King has a version of it in most markets
  • For low carb dishes I've changed over to shitaki noodles. I tried my best with the zucchini noodles but just could never get fully on board as a pasta replacement. That and when I found out the insane amount of sugar in most all spaghetti sauces it's kind of a moot point.
  • This can't be said enough. Take the extra 5 minutes and weigh your food. I think it will shock a lot of people what actual serving sizes are. A table spoon isn't as much as you can pile onto it.... If you're going to take the time to meal prep, do it right!
  • The gym anxiety is real, especially this time of year because they are absolutely packed full. But I just try to remember everyone else there is just as unhappy with themselves and trying to make big changes. Give everyone a mental high five that we showed up. That said, my Christmas present to myself this year was a spin…
  • 1) Stressful job 2) Dealing with that stress inappropriately (Drinking) 3) My passionate relationship with pizza
  • Just remember you're doing your weight loss correctly with balanced meals and exercise. There's a reason the fad diets advertise that you will lose more weight (and you did) but they aren't sustainable and teach nothing about living a well rounded diet. Keep doing what you're doing, you'll be happier with the end product…
  • What exactly are your goals? You just gave us some random calorie information. Regardless of your goals, I think your carb intake is way too high, cut it in half and double your fat/protein macros. That'll at least put you at the 40/30/30 ratios that are common.
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  • BMs were likely due to no fiber in your diet and not eating enough. Also, everyone has that "great" first week, it's just your body losing water. That's precisely why everyone claims each diet fad as extraordinary. You literally can do any diet (eat less) and drop lbs the first week.
  • As others have said it really boils down to how you feel and what works best for YOU. Personally my workouts suffer quite badly if I do my usual cardio plus weight training on an empty stomach. 10 minutes in and I already feel winded, sluggish and light headed. Just a simple 2-300 calorie well rounded meal sits light on…
  • There's nothing magic about it. It just simply gives most people less time to eat during the day so you're more than likely going to end up at a deficit at the end. I'm generally not hungry when I wake up so quite a few days of the week I will go 14-16 hours from my last meal to my first one. Eat 3 medium portioned meals…
  • I'll never log something like that. That's like logging that I walked for 2 minutes from my car to my building at work or to the store. There's even entries for driving a car.....All that falls under daily adulting as far as I'm concerned. People that log things like that are just looking for excuses to justify something.
  • This really needs to be pinned and auto replied to just about every post that gets made here. People make all this far too complicated. Today I'll have eaten tacos, a burger and even ice cream later tonight. All in proper measured out portions. You should have meals every day that you're excited about.
  • I feel like I'm the same way. Equipment always estimates my calorie burn to be within 100 cals regardless if I walk or run. Naturally I run for the sake of cardio and tend to do walks for the peace and quiet but it was always weird to me.
  • This is what my understanding had been. "Natty" when tossed around by the Youtubers I follow generally refers to people who used to or are not presently taking PEDs. Like they may use PEDs during a bulk period and go "Natty" when they cut and lean down. I always associated it with people who use PEDs periodically.
  • Smart water, Propel, Mio and the like all add some flavoring which is nice. I've started soaking acai green tea bags in my water today actually which was a nice change.
  • For things like this it's great that you're using self control but it's a once a year event! It's okay to enjoy yourself and not think about calories. I find that events like that are less enjoyable if you feel like you're weighed down with restrictions and anxiety about numbers. All that said, great job keeping it under…
  • If that's the worst you have against PF then that's awfully petty. It's not marketed as a gym for serious lifters, it's a place for beginners to go to get their confidence up on working out. It's a great starting place for most people. The lunk alarm should be in every gym to be honest. There's no reason to be dropping…
  • I was "up" 7 lbs after my fun Saturday night. Clearly I didn't ingest 20k+ calories to physically gain that weight. Lots of bloating, water retention (despite being dehydrated). it's all pretty normal. Clean up your diet and hit your water goals the next few days and it'll fall back off.
  • Beach getaway in 7 weeks, time to buckle down!
  • 60-70 minutes 4-5 days a week. Half of that is cardio work either on a bike, treadmill or elliptical. The other half is lifts for whatever muscle group I'm doing that day. Short and to the point. There's zero reason to spend HOURS in the gym. People that do that are either over working their bodies, taking long breaks…
  • Most likely some toning of those muscle groups but you wouldn't get any stronger or have bigger muscles. What part of that are you perplexed about?
  • The problem with the low carb diet is people maintaining that life style for the long term. For probably 90% this is unsustainable and when they inevitably go back to eating carbs, they find they can't maintain their weight loss and gain it all back. Healthy long term weight loss comes from learning how to eat things in…
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  • Piggy backing this. There will be grandma's power walking the whole thing, always a VERY diverse group which surprised me when I attended my first 5k. Enjoy the event and have fun.
  • Yes you still log them as their normal food entry, not some zero calorie or "negative" made up entry. The body supposedly burns 15-18% of the calories from protein I eat just processing it. That does NOT mean that I get those back or deduct them in any way. People nit picking their diets to that degree are making the whole…