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  • Scottish but living in Melbourne, hello! *Also googles pink lakes in Australia* Also, Radelaide? Love it! :D
  • Needed to hear this today, thank you. You are doing amazingly, keep it up :)
  • I definitely know what you mean. I know that my calorie goal already incorporates a deficit... but I almost feel like I'm being "extra good" if I stay well under it. This week I have done so in order to make up for my TGI Friday's anniversary meal at the weekend, but it's something I do generally as well. Just a problem us…
  • It seems to me like there are a good few people on these forums who want support for eating way less than they are supposed to.
  • THIS. Exactly this!
  • Wow, you look incredible, such fantastic results already - and you definitely no longer look "Obese"! You are my exact height with my exact same starting weight, so this is very, very inspirational for me. I wish I looked like you at 168lbs already!!! :)
  • These are great tips, and I think I'll break my 60lbs into achievable goals like this right now :D Because, uh, 60lbs seems impossible right now.
  • You are such an inspiration, you look great!
  • I never considered lipo, really, but I HAD NO IDEA ABOUT THIS :o I can't believe how bad it is for you! Major bump.
  • I had a boyfriend like that once. He encouraged me to loose weight, and I did. Only he encouraged a bit too much, and I lost a bit too much. I was in a horrible, dark place where I was neurotic about every bite I put in my mouth and equated my attractiveness and my worth to my weight. So this story makes me worry a little.…
  • I'm FROM the UK, but I now live in Australia. I have 40lbs to go so I'll be in weight loss mode for a while :) Add me if you like.
  • You should NEVER be with anyone who deliberately hurts you. Would you want that kind of relationship for your daughter? From the things you have reported, it sounds like he is sabotaging you in your weight loss and your confidence as a woman. He is seeing how much you'll take. For what it's worth, I don't think he'll…
  • Impatience. I know that I'm moving at a relatively speedy pace, weight loss wise, considering what is healthy. But it's so difficult to know that even if I do everything right, I won't be where I want to be for like a year. Maybe more. Argh!
  • Surely a troll? Nobody could seriously think that they could lose 50lbs in 3 months, could they? Also, anyone with a brain in their head will learn that 800 calories a day is a bad idea about a day after starting. When you joined MFP it will have set goals for you. Follow them.
  • Hey OP, I too have gone through this cycle many times. I now, annoyingly, have a lot of weight to lose, because a few more pounds always creep on after we fall off plan :( For me, what worked was getting REALLY real with myself. Not mean, just real. e.g. It's not actually that hard, stop using excuses. Sitting here is how…
  • What a great loss! :D
  • I'd think about the scale MORE if I weighed in weekly than if I weighed myself every morning like I do now. Also, it keeps me accountable. I'm a master of justifying one snack here, a treat there - that would happen all week long. Measurements once a week, though. And photos once a month. It's all about what keeps your…
  • I'm also in Australia trying to cope with this hot weather... How I cope with it is to do a workout indoors and CRANK the air con, and try to keep it short. For people saying work out early morning/late in the evening when it's "cooler" - Australia is a strange land. Here in Melbourne at least, the hottest time of day is…
  • Forgot about this... For Fun: What has been the most interesting part of the weather for you and how does it affect your ability to exercise? Well here in Melbourne it is the height of summer, and we've been having heat waves of over 40 degrees Celsius - so uh... that's been pretty interesting. Can't go outside without…
  • SW: 186lbs CW: 183lbs GW: 178lbs (Goal weight for the month) Weigh in Dates: 2/1 183lbs 2/8 182lbs 2/15 ??? 2/22 ??? 2/28 ??? So 1lb lost so far! Fine with that, but I'd like to lose 2lbs next week. Fingers crossed! 4lbs to go! p.s. I'm weighing in because it's already past midday in Australia :) Good luck today everyone!
  • Just in! Bit late, but still want to lose 5lbs in Feb! SW: 186lbs CW: 183lbs GW: 178lbs (Goal weight for the month) Weigh in Dates: 2/1 183lbs 2/8 ??? 2/15 ??? 2/22 ??? 2/28 ??? End of Month (or whatever weigh in days you use) Will weigh in and update tomorrow, excited!
  • Well... today I downloaded a 0-100 push up trainer for my iPhone. It starts with two sets of five push ups and one set of three - ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER. My reaction: Hmm, this will probably be too easy, I won't even feel it but I may as well follow the program. HOWEVER, oh my god. Seriously. I could do the counter push…
  • You are an inspiration. And you look fantastic.
  • Well done to you! You look incredible, and so happy. I'm glad you posted the underwear pics, what a difference, and it's good to know that you don't HAVE to have loose skin when you lose a lot of weight! Thanks for posting, very inspiring :D
  • Uh... WOW. You look amazing.
  • I'm 23, turning 24 next month. Feel free to add me for some horror story swapping or general weight loss chat!
  • I see what you're saying about time. I used to work 70+ hours per week and have an hours commute every day. I literally did not have time to exercise - I had to choose between showering and getting enough sleep each day. These people who tell you that you're just making excuses are pretty condescending, IMO. You're saying…
  • I am exactly the same about the whole Herbalife bandwagon. My OH's brother became a Herbalife consultant last year, despite NEVER having had to alter his weight in any way. He now makes a living from giving weight loss advice to people?!? My mother is a big believer in anything with shakes, or meal replacements, or…
  • YES! GUYS! You all look incredible, and have done an amazing job. I can't describe how proud I am of every one of you - you kick *kitten*. So much love in this threat, this is why I'm on MFP <33333
  • What a fabulous thread, thank goodness it's not just me. The fluctuations really make me doubt myself and scared that I'm gaining it all back again no matter what I do. My body will lose, but then go up again right after before settling down again. I think of it (probably totally wrong!) as I go through phases of losing…