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  • that confused me too.
  • The PURE study found that the highest carb consumers had the highest death rate. 7.2 deaths per 1,000 person years in the high carb (Asian ?) eaters, vs 4.1 in the lowest.
  • for keto <50g of carbs. 75g of protein is probably enough. Fat to satiety. Calories are the outcome. 1400-1500 is typical.
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  • Walking an hour a day is good, 2 * 30 minutes. Should be able to get in 6-8000 steps or something similar in that time.
  • "I am not able to walk very fast because I have arthritis in basically every joint, especially my knees. I have to break it up into two 30-minute walks--one in the morning and one in the evening. An hour at a time is too much on my hip joints. " - additional data posted separately
  • see previous post I guess
  • 3 litres a day from 10 to 38 C will take out 84 calories of heat from your body for what it's worth.
  • I'm guessing you haven't read the study, as it isn't about weight loss at all. The PURE study looks at food consumption (self reported questionnaires) and tries to drag out of the statistics any interaction between the diets of the participants and health outcomes because "The relationship between macronutrients and…
  • Sounds like a visit to the Doctor to get a "Thyroid panel" of blood tests may be in order. Don't know why you eat turkey bacon are you trying to do low fat low carb - that generally ends badly (Google "rabbit starvation"). No idea what an "energy pill" is, have you checked your blood pressure and blood glucose - pharmacies…
  • Create a zero calorie entry for fasting, and your long won't be empty ;-) http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/394-low-carber-daily-forum-the-lcd-group is a popular group for Low carb / Keto
  • you ate 1655 cals of food so nothing bad's going to happen With all the potential errors in food estimating, metabolic calcs and exercise calorie estimates I wouldn't rush round eating to hit a number if I was feeling OK and things were progressing.
  • Firstly I'm going to say that if weight loss is your sole goal then you don't need an exercise routine. Sure it helps to be active but if your job / life has you on your feet a lot and doing several thousand steps a day that may be perfectly adequate. We don't know what you're eating (closed diary) but make sure there's 75…
  • you can set the macros to something like 5 or 10% carbs, 20, 25, 30 % protein and fat the rest. Custom goal setting rather than just accepting the default. Exactly where that appears depends what you're using to access MFP. But the primary focus of MFP will be calories.
  • well that isn't a necessary amount either. The water you take in in food (most of food is water) also contributes to hydration so it is precisely advice about how "necessary" it is to drink litres of fluid that creates the problem under discussion. Because if a lot is good, more must be better ......
  • People that do one meal a day generally plan ahead and have a large nutritional meal in their sights. Put that one down to experience and think ahead.
  • you should lose weight eating your calculated BMR, as your total energy expenditure will be 20% higher. If you're unlucky and your actual BMR is a bit lower than the predictions (which are at best +/- 10%) then you may need to adjust accordingly after a couple of weeks logging.
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  • MFP does it for you - 20% protein 30% fat 50% carbs
  • Most people doing low carb / keto for weight loss would eat well under 2000 calories while eating "ad lib" so you don't want to be aiming at 2100. Yes if you've removed carbs from your diet then fat becomes a large proportion as protein is seldom over 35% in any sensible diet regime. Cheese and eggs are about 65% calories…
  • reset your goals manually to 5% carbohydrate ( = 20g carbs ) 20 or 25 % protein and the rest fat. (Steps are 5% on free version).
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  • "the" ? Always good to post a link if asking about a specific plan.
  • http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/394-low-carber-daily-forum-the-lcd-group
  • How tall are you ? 149 lbs / 67.6 kg is (just) in the healthy weight range at 1.65m / 5'-5". As your diary isn't public you might want to say how much you're eating.
  • MFP said 1200 I guess you dialled in at least 1 lb/week and said you were sedentary ? The dialy average of your exercise is about 300 over 7 days you could try adding that to the 1200 and set 1500 as an initial goal, try it for two weeks and adjust based on results, hunger etc.
  • I prefer to eat whole foods with a good inherent fat content. 20% fat ground beef mince, eggs, hard cheese for example. I rarely eat chicken - it's a lean diet food.
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  • https://ketogains.com/ is about body building using keto, not really my interest area. Your credibility with the gym crowd may be at risk, beyond that nobody has managed to find a specific issue with carbohydrate restriction other than routine nutritional and health requirements to eat enough micronutrients etc.
  • the standard diet recommendations are probably 55 % C, 15 %P, 30 %F. MFP tweaked that for more protein to support exercise & weight loss so have 50/20/30 as their default - you can change it easily. 30 % Fat is low for many to hit, the accepted range of protein intake in general guidance is 10-35% of calories so you're…
  • Entirely depends on activity. A typical sedentary calorie burn from that RMR might be just under 1500. To lose 1 lb/week would require an intake of 1000 cals/day and people on here will have heart attacks and report me for saying so. But that's the maths. If you think 1200 is a minimum food intake (MYGGWY) then you'll need…
  • Protein is important so you should be sure to eat at least say 75g of that. The question is malformed because a calorie deficit is defined as a weight loss. If you lost weight you drew calories from storage so you were at a deficit.
  • what ? no. I just eat food that is low in carbohydrate. I have supplmented Vit D in the winter months Oct-Mar as there's nothing in the sun at these latitudes. Dabbled with other tthings occasionally but nothing of any duration / consistency. Eat a nutrient rich diet and suppplements become an unnecessary expense and…