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  • I recently got married in July and had a total weight loss of 50 pounds (the last 25 were within the year of my wedding). I ended up getting my size 10/12 (can't remember the exact size, but it was a sample) altered down to a 4/6 by the end. Feel free to add, although I'm not in the same boat now, I was just in it :smile:
  • I'm back after about 6 months. I -really- needed a mental break. I lost 50 pounds and gained about 10 back (I'm still within my healthy BMI so I'm not kicking myself too hard). I need to lose 15 more to reach my UGW :smile: .
  • I LOVE beets, but I didn't realize you could get pickled beets! Can you just buy them at the supermarket?
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  • I have soooo many christmas cookies left. I have 2-3 a day (depending on what kind they are, for some it is just one) with my tea and it makes me happy :smile: . I just have to portion control it.
  • I always think this is kind of a fun story. I had my hair long and I was looking at all of these beautiful updos and then settled that I wanted to wear my hair down and maybe lightly curled/beach waves. I had my pinterest board filled (and created a pinterest account just for the wedding). Then a year before the wedding…
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  • I've been doing a lot of yoga :). I didn't realize how tense I was sitting and studying all day. My body is so much happier and it also helps me calm down when I am really stressed.
  • Since I was a kid it has always been an english muffin with peanut butter, and now I add a banana (with a few slices on top of the english muffin) with it.
  • Using laxatives frequently causes your bowel to not function properly without them. Only use them if you are truly having bowel problems and it is best to talk to your doctor about this. Never use them for weight loss, it is dangerous and is thinking about your body and health in a negative way.
  • I would vote for trying to use a scale. I changed and my logging got MUCH more accurate. I started at 181 and I'm down to 140. Also if you just started exercising too that might mask some weight loss. I tend to hold water when I start a new type of exercise.
  • I wish I had taken them. When I wanted to make a before and after comparison I had to DIG through old photos that I didn't really like to find something. Hence my profile picture.
  • My face - for me it is very top to bottom. I have about 15 pounds left and I can say that NONE of it is coming off my upper body.
  • In med school whenever there is a meeting/specialty interest group/etc there is ALWAYS free food, and it is usually pizza, chick-fil-a, etc. It is SO hard to say no to. I try and bring my own food or get a salad at our cafeteria beforehand if I can. I do get odd looks though. A lot of people only go to these things for the…
  • I keep one or two pairs of pants at a size higher than I am because when I'm (really) bloated I go up a size. Never used to happen when I was heavier!
  • Yeah, I guess certain things are "better" or "worse" depending on your blood type. I guess pork is bad for ALL blood types :neutral:
  • A lot of designers now can take up to 8 months, it is best to get it sooner rather than later. I personally was fortunate to get the sample gown, but I was fully prepared to have to order it.
  • The blood type diet, kid you not.
  • Feel free to add :smile: , I was always heavier than my friends and it was hard for me to deal with although I pretended it didn't bother me. I went from 181 to 150 and yo-yoed a bit, and then I was able to get to 132. I went back up to 140 due to a LOT going on for the past 6 months (although this is still within a…
  • I don't eat a lot, but I will to keep my soul happy lol. I eat three little shortbread cookies (73 cals or something like that) with tea and then I will eat veggie straws from Whole Foods (sub for chips). I LOVE my veggie straws. I also drink diet soda without artificial colors, no aspartame, etc. Sometimes I'll cut a…
  • Not in college anymore, but I'm a second year medical student! I tried hard to lose weight in college and was able to go from 181 - 155. Now in med school it is a little easier and I am down to 140 with my ultimate goal being 125. I was down to 132 when I got married, but put on a couple of pounds after (still within…
  • I need to find something I like otherwise I won't work out, or I will for two weeks and then it will fizzle out. Unfortunately my two big activities are horseback riding and snowboarding, it doesn't require any effort for me to go out and do those things. Unfortunately, I can't because I moved to the south and I am in…
  • Yes, although it's always been very variable for me. Sometimes I am able to see loses during that time, other times nothing changes. It is rare that I gain more than a pound, but I think that is a little on the abnormal side.
  • I've lost 40 (although I had lost 50, I gained a little and I'm back on track - fortunately I am still in my healthy BMI range). I would like to lose another 15 pounds so I can be 125 total. I started at 181 pounds.
  • I ended up getting a dress size 10-12 and ended up getting it tailored down to a 4-6 by the end. I am SO glad I bought the 10-12 vs anything smaller. I had 0 pressure to fit into anything and then I could make it fit like a glove.
  • I've lost 50 total (put on a little bit after the wedding because I was losing a little too aggressively but I am losing it now - about 10 pounds or so, but still within a healthy BMI). I went from obese (I was just on the edge there) to the middle of my healthy BMI. How I do it is: - Log everything, and WEIGH it - Log…
  • Hi! And congrats! I got married this past July and I lost my last 25 pounds for the wedding (50 total). I'll just say that the important thing, besides looking your best for the wedding, is that you want it to be sustainable so you can continue AFTER the wedding. I honestly went too aggressive for my wedding and put on…
  • Do you have a dining hall you frequent? I didn't eat a whole lot in my dorm because then I would snack all the time and food would be more accessible. If I went to the dining hall it was a little easier to plan my day. I also at a lot of salads, but I would make my own english muffin pizzas by asking the sandwich station…
  • Try lots of different kinds! Also, you can hide them. I love veggies, but for breakfast I will make this egg and toast thing where I butter toast, do a over easy egg with cheese on top, but in-between I have sautéed mushrooms and spinach. I seriously can't taste them most of the time.
  • I drink tea, I usually have English breakfast tea with half n half and truvia. It gives me something slow to sip on and the half n half gives it a bit more thickness to it so I feel it is more satisfying.
  • I made chicken, we -never- have meat in the house, and we aren't vegetarians. We tend to make meals that are very very easy to put together (and my husband eats mostly at work, aka one big meal a day). But my husband said that he wanted stuff for salad in the house so he could replicate the salads he gets at Salata (which…