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  • mlowther96 I would say to up your calories, check your mfp goals and calorie goal. Also even if the scale number isn't moving things like body fat % and inches lost could be. Dont just depend on the number on the scale.
  • I have beachbody on demand and love the 10 minute trainer and yoga retreat! I do yoga every night before bed and the 10 minute trainer is great little workout in a pinch. I also have turbo fire and starting it again today.
  • Can you let me know when the winter challenge starts so I can get in on that one from the start!
  • Looking for friends who are active on MFP daily to help motivate and support one another, trade recipes, tips, and anything else you want to share. I started my WL journey in July 2015 my youngest child was 2 months old and I went in for my check up. when I saw the number on the scale read 298lbs, i couldnt keep up with my…
  • Im 5'7" and started at 265 pounds in January. Im now down to 245. While I don't see a difference I can definitely FEEL the difference! My energy levels are through the roof, my clothes are looser, Ive dropped a pant size even! My first goal is to get under 200, even if its 199.9 lol after that my goals are in 15 pound mini…
  • Got my Charge HR a week ago and love using it. profile is www.fitbit.com/user/4DG76X
  • Oh I know and I know it wont always be like this. My body isn't use to the exercise and new eating plan so Im not surprised Im shedding pounds pretty quickly right now. Im more interested in how I feel than what the numbers say...Im big into non scale victories, but I do keep track of the numbers for reference.
  • I use MFP and Fitbit as well! Feel free to add me on both! www.fitbit.com/user/4DG76X is my fitbit profile. In the past month Ive lost 20 pounds using both :) I also use Thrive but I do not sell or push it! Im just looking for people who are on regularly so we can support and motivate each other to get healthy!
  • 100 pounds to lose here too. 5'8" 30 yrs old and starting at 250 pounds. Working it off 10 pounds at a time
  • 5'7" and I have 100lbs to lose. Tired of hearing backward compliments like "you carry it well" "your face looks thin" "more of you to love" I know friends/family mean well but uhg! Im doing the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout 8 week course on my Kinect-moderate level. After Im done Im going to do the 12 week challenge on…
  • I would suggest spending a little bit for a few sessions with a personal trainer to put you on the right track and so you don't get a million different answers that wont work for you. It all depends on your body, schedule, time, and commitment. I just recently hired a personal trainer to help me get started and it has been…
  • Started on this today with my fitness assessment. Both my husband and I are doing it together. Anyone have any results or advice to share? Also doing Zumba core 2 days a week with it.
  • Joining in :) I have been on MFP for a few years now and haven't been very consistent. Love the 30 day challenge ideas for logging and other challenges! I am a 29 yr old mother of 4. Recently added our 4th this past June :) CW 240 GW 150ish looking more for getting my BF% in a healthy range and feeling better rather than a…
  • Would love to do this challenge :)
  • Same here :) Feel free to add me
  • I use nutribullet and protein powder and make all kinds of different shakes with that (for snacks not as a meal replacement) I also make "desserts" with protein powder so I am getting something sweet but its packed with protein and fiber (way less expensive than buying bars at the store!) Plus I always had hard boiled eggs…
  • I do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and Tae Bo workouts...I enjoy them and for $20 got a set of 2lb hand weights and a pair of weighted gloves. There are tons of free workout videos on youtube, www.sparkpeople.com, and your local walmart have dvds and low cost equipment...for free ideas if you have stairs go up and down…
  • bump...hows everyone doing on their goals?
  • Same here I just started back on MFP and lost all the progress I previously made. Need ideas for better snack/meals without sacrificing taste (if possible?) I know I can do better on what I eat, just looking for direction.
  • I am 29, 5'7", and my goal is to lose 90lbs by this time next year. I started at 262lbs and am currently 237lbs.
  • "The only difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits"
  • Female 29 5'7" SW 262 CW 237 GW 155 Created by MyFitnessPal.com - Nutrition Facts For Foods
  • I've been on MFP for over 2 years now, but just recently got serious about losing the weight. I am 8 weeks post partum and had a lot of medical difficulties during pregnancy and gained 50lbs (was already 90lbs overweight). Thankfully my little guys was born completely healthy. I started tracking my weight 2 weeks post…
  • I haven't lost 50lbs yet (just 25lbs so far). Started at 265lbs in June 2013 and now down to 240lbs. No photos yet as there isn't much of a difference as I can tell. All the photos I have seen on here have been really motivating and even inspirational! I know it can be done. Ive been watching what and how much I eat and…
  • My goal is to get to 150-160lbs. I'm 5'8" and 29 years old. I gained a lot of weight with my last pregnancy and ended up 292 two days before delivery. Two weeks after Delivery my weight was at 262lbs so I used that as my starting weight. I am down to 245lbs now (7 weeks later). My short term goals are to lose 2lbs a week…
  • 5'8" and currently at 245. I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy, but have been able to lose 17lbs since I have had my lil guy (he's 7 weeks old now). I am wanting to lose 90lbs.
  • I have 4 dogs: Draco-Rottweiler, Koda-husky mix, Oscar-German Shephard, & Obi-sheltie 3 cats: Frodo, Kahn, & Lucifer 3 horses: Dolly-Arabian, Gunner-Palomino Quarter, & Shadow-Guerilla Appaloosa I'd post photos, but I don't know how to on here lol
  • Six weeks post partum here and down 16lbs so far...90lbs to go. Started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on Monday.
  • Im apple shaped too and even more so after giving birth. No before or afters yet as I as I am still in the before stage at 246lbs (5'8") but I have lost 16lbs so far. My heaviest was 2 days before having my son at 296. 2 weeks after delivery I went down to 262lbs (I had a lot of water retention and swelling) and now 6…