If you have 50+ lbs to lose...



  • nicbic123
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    i've been on here for a couple of years but never really motivated...now been back a month and lost 8lbs...and about 70lbs to go add me if you like :) x
  • I'm 5' 4" and I started out with 90 pounds to lose, I'm 63 pounds into my weight loss and have 27 more to go! Feel free to add me as a friend. My goal is around 120 ish, Started at 211 and currently 148
  • Shamhunt
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    I'm 5'6 and just gave birth to my 3rd baby. My goal weight is 135.
  • Point202
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    I'm also 5'4" and I have set my starting goal at 160lbs, which is the smallest I've been in my adult life. When I get there I will re-evaluate but I ultimately would like to be at 145lbs which takes me out of the "overweight" BMI. I started at more than 210, so that's 65ish pounds all together. Feel free to add me, I'm looking for some more friends for motivation :)
  • Add me ! :) I am 5'9 and need to lose 60 pounds .
  • l8yboss
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    I'm also 5'4 and have lost 30 so far, with another 65 - 70 to go! I'm new to MFP though, so please feel free to add me as I'm looking for POSITIVE, LIKE MINDED people to walk this journey with. :smile:
  • Im 5"4 and would like to get in the 120's so i have about 50lbs to loose...anyone can feel free to add me i could sure use some support through this process
  • I am try to get from 164 to 110. I am 5'3. I also have knee problems due to my cartilage hitting the back of my kneecap, so my cartilage is wearing away. The pain was not as bad when I was a lower weight, so I am trying to lessen the pain. Anyone on this forum, feel free to add me!
  • amberrenee813
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    Thanks everyone for replying :)
  • t_welch11
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    5'7" and I have 100lbs to lose. Tired of hearing backward compliments like "you carry it well" "your face looks thin" "more of you to love" I know friends/family mean well but uhg! Im doing the Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout 8 week course on my Kinect-moderate level. After Im done Im going to do the 12 week challenge on hard. :)
  • shrinkingshreya
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    Same Boat! I'm 5'0 and have 50+ pounds to go... we've got this!!
  • 38laura40
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    5'4 my goal is 120
    but my first goal is 170. always looking for new friends
  • ddebruhl
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    I'm 5'3" and my goal weight is 130lbs. Feel free to add me.
  • sarainiowa
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    Feel free to add me. My ticker kinda says it all. I am 5'6" with a huge goal to achieve....and I will.
  • boophil
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    Sounds like we have similar stats! I'm 5'4, currently at 194.6, goal weight of 135-140 (depending on how I feel & how my clothes fit when I get close). Sending you a friend request!
  • janlee_001
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    Sent you request I'm 5'5"
  • Kaliemp
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    I am 5'2" (maybe) and currently weigh about 215. I would like to be somewhere around 150. I've lost almost 40 pounds so far and have gotten kind of "stuck" :(
  • Sounds like I have joined the right group! Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!
  • Chelle2451
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    I also need to lose over 50 pounds!
  • kmash32
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    Hi I am 5'4 and my goal weight is 135lbs, I have about 60lbs to go. You can add me if you want I need someone to hold me accountable too.