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  • t_welch11
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    Same here :) Feel free to add me
  • U can add me!!!
  • robin388
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    I am always looking for support. It's hard to not overeat when you live in a family of overweight food pushers. Just looking for people to remind me to stay focused on my goal which is first and foremost to be healthy! :heart:

    You can add me :)
  • Friend request sent! I'm always looking for active, supportive friends to help keep me on track so anyone can add me. :bigsmile:
  • add me ! I will be your buddy! we all need motivation!
  • I am addicted to cheese and a few others, FR me via telling me your favorite Aerosmith tune :bigsmile:
  • rxman13
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    feel free to add me
  • Hi, im new to this site and im looking for support in helping me loose weight. Im also here to give support! Its very difficult for me to keep on track as I get discouraged easily. If I dont see the number go down on the scale each week, I sorta want to give up. I know its taken years to look the way I do, but id be happy to loose the end I want to loose more, but ill start there first. So if your up in supporting me, want support...we can help one another!
    Im currently using herbalife shakes, but am considering going back to my adkins shakes. Im looking for any advice to help me get these lbs off! I also have a thyroid issue, which I feel is making this way more difficult!
  • ShelleyTurgeon
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    Keep em coming guys.. I love the support everyone gives .... and I will give it back! Lets do this!!
  • Not cheesy, just honest! Everyone needs support, feel free to add me. I've got a lot of weight to lose and could do with support
  • ShelleyTurgeon
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    I'm loving all my new friends... keep em coming :)
  • I agree support and motivation are the key. Nothing is too cheesy when you have a goal and want people to help you out, whether directly know them or not. Please feel free to add me. I wish you success with your goals.:smile:
  • Hey guys!! :) I'm looking for new friends too. new to myfrtnesspal, let's motivate and support each other through this journey to health. wooooo! :)
  • theprez92
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    Feel free to add me, I'm on MFP every single day maybe I can help you or anyone else out
    Personal Trainer + Experienced Weightlifter/Bodybuilder
  • ConnieRoxx789
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    Definitely NOT CHEESY!! You can add me! Matter of fact, anyone reading this can add me lol. I have NO friends on here and could really use the support. Weight loss is hard enough by yourself...
  • bdubbers
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    Anyone feel free to add me too! Seems like most of my friends list is MIA
  • i have the same problem house full of people but not really any support
  • neveragain84
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    Added you! :-)
  • veggiebuckeye
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    I am all about positive energy. Anyone can feel free to add me.
  • kagevf
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    cheese is good in moderation.
    support and motivation is good in abundance.
    let me help you and keep you pushing.
    never quit even when it hurts.

    anyone in this post that needs a lil more push, add me up. lets all take that journey. the journey to fit on those jeans and eat anything you want without regrets.

    no excuses!