Post here if you want more friends!



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    jumping back into the fray...committed MFP'ers feel free to add me
  • Pls Add
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    Add me too.
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    I'm looking for friends too! Feel free to add me :)
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    I want more friends! :dizzy:
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    Hello friends!

    Have you done something already today that has made you better? Do you plan on doing something today that will make you better? What can you do RIGHT NOW this very second, that will better you? At work? Can you stand and type? In the car? Can you change the dial to a better, less vulgar form of music? What everyday decisions that are made by you consciously and unconsciously can you perfect? I currently choose to meditate with my time and space. Meditation my friends through years of empirical evidence has increased patience, relieves stress, and allowed a real time perception of reality through, " real time, truth" as opposed to " real time, appearances" what is your bettering decision going to be? Please add, like, comment and share your choices, thoughts and actions! Looking forward to speaking with you soon!!!
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    It would be great to have some new friends on here. Just started my journey to getting in shape :smiley:
  • I'm in!
    I need friends to keep me motivated and on right track and someone to look up to, feel free to add me :smile:
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    count me in
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    Hi! I'm new to the blog community but not to MyFitnessPal! Love staying in shape!
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    Sure I'll take some more friends :)
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    I am 92 lbs down with hypothyroid issues and the like. :smile: Always looking for new friends feel free to add me.
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    Looking from new friends! Add me!
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    Anyone can feel free to add me ! Friends welcome !
  • hey everyone !! really need some basic advice there is so much info out there it gets all conflicting and overwhelming !!!!! anyone want to add as friends and support each other etc for us newbies that would be amazing
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    Same here add me. More friends needed
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    Looking for friends who are active on MFP daily to help motivate and support one another, trade recipes, tips, and anything else you want to share.

    I started my WL journey in July 2015 my youngest child was 2 months old and I went in for my check up. when I saw the number on the scale read 298lbs, i couldnt keep up with my kids, and i didnt want to go out with my husband because nothing I owned fit except sweat pants and baggy shirts.

    Fifteen months later I am down 60lbs (80 more to go) but what is even better is I can play outside with my kids, i like how I look in my clothes now (no more sweats!) and each week the number keeps going down. I joined weight watchers 2 months ago and it has been a huge help to me along with dedicated tracking. I also got a fitbit hr to keep me even more motivated.

    So, whats your story? :)
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    Always looking to add positive people who are moving towards a common goal! Add me if you too want support from me!
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    I do not want a single one of you to add me as a friend!!! If you try I will probably ignore you... ;)
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    Feel free to add me ❤️