"Apple" Shaped Women - Before & Afters?



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    We sound a lot alike. I am definitely not a 'red delicious" apple! I only like my legs, everything else holds weight. My baby is 3 so no more excuses about 'baby weight" :)
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    Bump! This post is a 'keeper'.
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    My previous post with my pictures was way too big and unorganized so i put it together in one so it doesn't take up half the screen! lol

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    Bumping to keep reading after I go and work out!
  • aimeemanninghunter
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    I think its maybe weird because after people lose weight they don't look like an apple? I'm all belly....like ALL belly. My legs are like 2-3 pants sizes smaller than my "waist" aka pudge. I'm broad chested and hold weight in my arms too. GRRRR.

    That is TOTALLY me....I hate it. Occasionally I will find pants that fit right but it is rare.

    I appreciate all the pics to this!! Gives me hope my belly will go down!
  • bookworm221
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    DivaSlimsDown - Wow that's awesome! How inspirational, well done!
  • themommie
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    Congrats u all look amazing
  • You look fantastic! I hope you are keeping the weight off! :)
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    Good job!
  • KristaWeiss
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    that is amazing with what 30 lbs looks like on your frame! You look great!
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    Bump! You all look amazing!
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    BUMP - Apple ladies I am one too!! Thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration!!!
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    Wow! Awesome!
  • PhoenixEve
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    Hypothyroidism made me very 'apple' shaped. (pics in profile)
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    Yes bump <> need this too. :wink:
  • mystiedragonfly
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    <--- This is my before and after. Started in 2008. The after is this year. As you see, I still have a long long journey to go. I would lose a lot faster if I would stop lifting weights (like that will ever happen). Anyway, I jokingly say I am an apple on a stick since my legs look so good.

    Only issue I keep having is that plus sized jeans are made for the typical big girl with full hips, thighs, etc. So jeans/pants balloon on me. Oh well, that will change soon... I hope.
  • VeggieKidMandy
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    Everyone Looks great! I am also an apple belly with PCOS, Ive lost about 5lbs and my body is now somewhat cut in the waist with bigger hips. I have also thinned out in my face while losing some of those annoying PCOS symptoms
  • t_welch11
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    Im apple shaped too and even more so after giving birth. No before or afters yet as I as I am still in the before stage at 246lbs (5'8") but I have lost 16lbs so far. My heaviest was 2 days before having my son at 296. 2 weeks after delivery I went down to 262lbs (I had a lot of water retention and swelling) and now 6 weeks post partum Im at 246lbs.
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    I gain all in the stomach/boobs/upper arms too. I called it my "Koolaid man" look. LOL

    5'7 (before picture weight was 159...size 10 pant size large shirt..... and after pic was 133 (size 6 pant and size small shirt) currently 130 now. Excuse my dirty mirror, haha!


    wow! you look fab! look at ur tiny waist :D how did you do this? My weight is also around those areas...well done!x