any new moms?

Any new moms out there? I gave birth to my daughter about a month ago and have restarted my weight loss journey and am looking for some friends to help with motivation and help keep me accountable. Add me!!


  • crystalfaith
    crystalfaith Posts: 23 Member
    Me! My daughter was born on June 23rd and I want to lose at least another 30lbs from where I'm at now. It's been so hard to find time to work out though :/
  • I am a new mama! 17 weeks postpartum! Averie will be 4 months tomorrow :)
  • t_welch11
    t_welch11 Posts: 52 Member
    Six weeks post partum here and down 16lbs so far...90lbs to go. Started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred on Monday.
  • Hey there fellow new moms. I am a new mom Also. My little man was born in march. He is 4 months and two weeks old.
  • LUreda
    LUreda Posts: 10 Member
    Hey Mama's! Lucy is 6mo today. I've been making time to exercise almost daily, and committed to tracking food recently. I gained 55lbs with pregnancy. I lost 30 in 2 weeks, then gained about 6 when I started back to work (6 weeks postpartum). The scale has not budged. I'm 205 today. My first goal is to break the 200 mark. I'm struggling & think it could be related to hormones...I was unable to breastfeed, so that was a set back for weight loss as well. I'm doing my best to make healthy decisions every day :)
  • uwsmama
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    Hi! I have a 2yo and a 3month old. Feel free to add me! Good luck!!!
  • bugginmary
    bugginmary Posts: 44 Member
    I'm still a relatively new mom. My LO is about 7 1/2 months old. I still have about 10 lbs to go until I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. I'll add you!