How much weight did it take before you noticed?

jacki865 Posts: 122 Member
I'm 5;2 started at 235 and now I'm at 210 with 3 inches off my waist and hips. Haven't noticed much aside from buying a few shirts in large when I am usually an XL and I can feel my collar bone but I wasn't sure If I was able to before the weight loss. No comments on my weightloss yet, My goal weight is 150 but I hope to ultimately reach 130.

I feel like I need motivation right now since I haven't seen much after 25lbs. What about everyone else on here? How many lbs or inches did it take for you to notice your weightloss and how did you notice it? Also whats your height to put in perspective?


  • slickmickey
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    i started at 184 and as of today am 156. personally i still dont *see* it but i've gone down almost 2 pant sizes so i know it's happening.
  • LakenBakon
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    Woot woot y'all rock!!!!
    I am 5'6 my top weight was 255 I am now at 233 I have lost over 20lbs since February 3rd this year. I first could see the scale dropping so I kept going. Then I could see my pants fitting better at about 10-15lbs down. But nothing like this weekend when I had hit 20lbs down and it was like I could feel my body was different when I stand walk or lay down. But last night laying in bed I noticed a muscle I have never had before in my upper thigh not to mention my hip bones r trying to come back. :) My big goal is to be healthy at or around 155. My first goal how ever is to make it under 200lbs by my birthday on June 9th! Wish me luck!
  • aloranger7708
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    I had to lose about 30lbs before noticing any changes.
  • DoctorKhaleesi
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    I started at 250 (5'4) and am now at 160. It took me about 70lbs before I actually noticed, but I had always warn a size or two bigger than I actually was so it was harder to tell in clothes until I finally started wearing my actual size. Now when a tight shirt gets loose I get excited.
  • talismanicmagic
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    I started at 220 and am around 198 now, so 20lbs down, another 20lbs til first goal. I've only really started to notice the difference, mainly upper body. I carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs. No one else had really noticed, except a family friend who I havnt seen since Xmas.
    Still waiting for my thunder thighs to LOOK smaller. Haha
  • nubian101
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    Hi, congrats on the work so far! I am 5ft 6 in tall and 51 years old. My start weight was 194lb on Jan 6 2016. 10 weeks in I am 15lb down, now at 179. Goal is 165 lb. I've lost 3 inches off bust, waist and hips, 1.5 in from thighs, 0.5 off calf and upper arm. I am sticking with 1200 cals a day and walk 4 miles every day. It's taking a lot of self discipline, but now I am starting to see a change.
  • T0M_K
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    10 or so lbs.
  • elisa123gal
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    Don't you feel so much better? I wonder…I'd think you'd notice being able to get around easier. curious.
  • jacki865
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    I can walk longer distances and even jog some without getting tired. I still get winded walking up stairs though and I still feel bulky. Some pants are fitting looser but since I mainly wear workout clothes to work (my job luckily allows me to) Idk if the pants are fitting better due to me losing weight or due to me wearing them more often and stretching them.
  • vanessalillian82
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    It depends on what shape and height you are, but in general the more you lose the faster you notice it. It's the paper towel theory - one sheet unrolled from the outside of the roll makes no discernible difference. But a sheet unrolled from the inside makes a HUGE difference. Stick with it and good luck :smile:
  • LakenBakon
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    Don't you feel so much better? I wonder…I'd think you'd notice being able to get around easier. curious.

    For me I can tell I already don't get as winded as before and I can actually jog in bursts now I also don't have near as much trouble putting on my shoes lol
  • awakenbeauty51
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    5'2 starting weight approximately 251, currently 184. I didn't really see any real difference until after about 25lbs gone. To be honest I can look in the mirror some days a see a significant change and many other days I gave in the mirror and don't really see any changes at all. Now on the other hand I can definitely see a difference in photos. For the first time in a long time I feel good about taking pics. Please don't get weary! You may not get the comments you want but, understand progress is progress. Keep going! You got this!
  • maddieg_2
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    Started at 185 now at 135 and I just feel like someone switched all my clothes out for bigger ones. I don't notice much of it but everyone else has :tongue:
  • nuklh3d1
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    My story is I was heaviest at 306 lbs now down to 244.2. I don't think I seen nor was i commented on until around 30 lbs. I noticed it in my clothing but not necessarily in the mirror.
  • dietsrus
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    A bowling ball weighs 5 pounds! Think about 25 pounds of fat cut off of a steak in a baggie. Congratulations! That is a lot to loose.
  • janellsosajs
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    I'm 5'6, starting weight 237 lbs., and now I'm at 211 lbs. I didn't really notice until last week when I put on some skinny jeans I haven't been able to get into for the last 3 years. None of my family members nor coworkers noticed until this week as well. I think it really had to do with my clothes because wearing and washing them so much has shrunk them a little so no one really noticed the difference. I'm really 2 dress sizes down from when I started. My ultimate goal is to be 130 lbs.
  • 50extra
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    I'm 5'10.5 male and SW was 242. In two months I'm down around 220 and when I look in the mirror I don't see anything different. If I put my progress pictures side by side I can definitely see the change but when I just look in a mirror I don't see a difference. The one spot I do notice it but can't see it is when i grab my love handles or my lower belly, its definitely tightening up and feels smaller but I don't see it looking in a mirror. Also as mentioned above, it feels like my clothes got bigger, not that I got smaller.
  • Stanley1903
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    I started noticing after losing 10 pounds, and looking back at pictures I can tell differences around that time.

    The main difference after about 20 pounds. I'm now at 30 pounds lost.
  • t_welch11
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    Im 5'7" and started at 265 pounds in January. Im now down to 245. While I don't see a difference I can definitely FEEL the difference! My energy levels are through the roof, my clothes are looser, Ive dropped a pant size even! My first goal is to get under 200, even if its 199.9 lol after that my goals are in 15 pound mini goals :) until I get down to 150.
  • MeganSchuyler16
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    Feel free to add me for motivation :) I have 65lbs to go and just started losing weight. I've heard a lot of people have a hard time seeing weight loss on themselves. Many people tend to take a before photo and then one photo every month until they reach their goal so they can actually see their weight loss. Hope this helps. Keep at it!