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  • You're awesome! Thanks so much!!!
  • Oh yeah, that's what I did when I was actually doing the squats. But when I went back for a bonus set it wasn't on the rack and I had no clue how to get it back on without whacking somebody in the face so I just left it. Adjusting the rack height completely passed my mind, though, so thanks for reminding me for next time :)
  • Awesome! Yeah, I didn't notice any plyo boxes or anything lying around or else I would have felt more comfortable using those, haha. I didn't seem to get any weird looks stepping on the bench but it just felt weird. I guess I'll get used to it. :) You both were a lot of help, thanks a bunch!
  • I just started week 8 today! I'd tried doing Insanity twice but I quit both times because it gave me knee issues about halfway though. I haven't had any of that with Max 30, although it's just as intense (maybe even more)! It's definitely a challenge but it's super rewarding to watch your max out time increase each week,…
  • Thanks everyone! I was thinking of running 3 days a week, lifting on the days inbetween, with one rest day. Good to know it's doable. :)
  • Maybe separate cookies into individually wrapped Ziploc bags? It's a lot easier to only grab one that way! There's also plenty of healthier cookie recipes out there - this one's my favorite:
  • You can incorporate strength training into your yoga practice! With a little bit of Googling you could find a bunch of poses to strengthen various parts of your body. I do yoga, cardio, and strength training and I find that the three complement each other - strength training helps me in yoga, yoga helps me feel less sore…
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  • You've gotten plenty of great ideas for cutting back on creamer. As far as cutting back on coffee altogether, I did so by using a smaller mug (if there's not as much coffee in front of you, you won't drink as much) and then switching to half caf. I still drink two mugs of coffee a day - I just switched from a 15oz mug to…
  • The idea of not having to workout later, after a long day at school/work! :)
  • So even when MFP negates the calories I just burned working out I should just leave it?
  • I know a HRM isn't completely accurate, but surely it's better than the Fitbit. My question was about whether I should wear both or one/how to log it to get the most accurate calorie estimate for the day.
  • I LOVE TurboFire!! I've tried Insanity, T25, Jillian Michaels' programs, etc. and while I love those too, TurboFire is definitely the most fun. It is pretty choreographed but you get the hang of it soon enough. Chalene's attitude is great and the music makes it so fun it almost feels like a dance party (but with more…
  • No, I've been on MFP for about a year and a half and only started working two months ago. I'm afraid that if I don't log it I'll be eating too little calories on the days I work, but I also don't want to overeat if I'm wrong.
  • Today I did my first push-up since breaking my wrist about a month and a half ago. It's a little thing but it's good to know it's getting better! Yesterday I also ran a 5k with negative splits for the first time, and about a week ago I ran 7 miles for the first time. NSVs everywhere for me! :)
  • Most likely, your body is just adjusting to the new routine. But I would recommend getting a foam roller - it seriously helps with the soreness! ETA: Getting fitted for running shoes was literally one of the best investments of my life. I used to have sore ankles for a week after a short run, but now they're only sore for…
  • Throw out the scale. Take progress pictures/measurements every 2 weeks or so instead.
  • Thanks! I've been reading a bunch of threads and it seems like it'd be best for me to do both but focus more on running long during the winter and lifting in the summer (since running in hot weather is killer). Thanks for your help!
  • I usually just find the exercise closest to what I did and then change the calorie amount to what my HRM gave me. Or if it's not in the database you can create your own exercise. :)
  • I'll check both of those out, thanks so much!!
  • My Polar FT4 was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made! I got it on Amazon in November for $60, which is $40 less than in store. I'm not sure if it's still that cheap but you'll probably be able to find it online for a cheaper price. :)
  • You need to be eating waaay more. You should net at LEAST 1400 calories, and depending on your BMR that's probably still too little. I agree with drinking a protein shake, also try eating more calorie-dense foods - avocado, nuts and nut butters, etc. :)
  • Thanks for the help! I'm gonna wait it out for a couple more weeks and see how it goes. I'll message you about IF! :)
  • Gamma was probably my favorite phase of T25. The hybrid schedule was the perfect combination of strength and cardio for me, and Speed 3.0 will kick your butt!
  • I'm definitely not the most coordinated person but I've never felt judged in a Zumba class. If you're feeling uncomfortable about being in an actual class setting, though, they have Zumba DVDs or plenty of instructors post their routines on YouTube for others to try. Maybe it'll help for you to look at and try out some of…
  • Assuming your TDEE is correct, you might gain a few pounds back as your body adjusts to maintaining, but you definitely won't lose all your progress. The .5lb gain you see the next day is just fluctuations, as you said.