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  • Pink Lady apples! so crisp and tart, but also sweet.
  • I also love it in oatmeal! And in Plain Greek yogurt....mixed with berries. Mmmmm I can eat it with pretzels or on a PBJ, but not by the spoon like regular PB. I always keep it on hand, though. Enjoy!
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  • Personally, I had to stop Level 2 of KB&T. I was having to ice my knees afterwards, and still, they hurt BAD. I have no history of knee problems, and yet when I asked, I seem to be alone in this. I gave myself a week off, and then moved to Level 3 with no problems. I'm seeing great results from it! I think I'm going to…
  • Same here! Measurements/ numbers=not that impressive, but I can SEE the change, and that's what matters!! Great job, ladies!!! I'm sticking with Jillian for a while. Going to rotate b/t KB&T, Ripped in 30, and Extreme Shed & Shred. She has managed to help me make changes that 5 years of working out on my own couldn't…
  • Day 1 done!! In a tiny hotel room with only soup cans for weights :/ AND my hrm was acting funky, going from 00 to 238! Oh well, it's done!! Didn't feel near as hard as Killer Buns & Thighs, but that may very well be b/c of my limited space. Good luck, everyone!!
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  • Hey! I'm Zanna. I'm 28 and have been counting for about 4 years. I'm working on toning up and increasing muscle definition. I got 3 JM dvds through Groupon. I did Ripped in 30 first, and am currently doing Killer Buns & Thighs, but Level 2 killed my knees so I'm currently taking a break. Extreme Shed is my final one :) I…
  • Thanks! You're right, I just need to push through. I'm on level 2, and it is definitely still challenging! :noway: My left leg just won't cooperate on the one-legged burpees! I think part of my problem is that I have too much time on my hands right now. I didn't miss a single day when I had a houseful of company and stuff…
  • Agreed. AND, it seems MFP sets the bar pretty low. If you check other counting sites, they will probably say you should eat more. They do for me by quite a bit, so I upped my cals on here. I don't do hungry very well.
  • I've been doing JM's Killer Buns & Thighs since I finished RI30 (I got 3 of her dvds through groupon). Despite the title, it seems to work everything. I like it a lot! After that, I'm planning to move to her Extreme Shed and Shred. Good luck!!
  • I finished Lvel 1 today! My right knee is protesting a bit, so tomorrow will be a rest day. Watched Level 2 to see what's to come...looks tough!!! Is anyone doing before/after pics? I'd love to see everyone's results!!! :smile:
  • Thanks, guys!
  • Awesome!!!! Congrats :drinker: and cheers to you
  • Are you doing RI30 and KBT on the same day?!?! :noway: I am so impressed when people can do more than one Jillian workout on the same day. WOW!!!!!!!! Or, are you alternating b/t the two??? That's what I'm thinking about doing, so I'd love your input :smile:
  • I'm one of the newbies! :drinker: I'm about to do day 3 of Level 1. Love it!!! Doesn't feel any longer than Ripped in 30, even though it's about 10 minutes longer!!! Awesome! I've got a question about the dvd, but to keep the line of the thread, I'll go start a new one! :laugh:
  • Thanks, guys!!! I can't wait to see how everyone does. I'm continuing on with Jillian to try and tone some more. I did level 1 of Killer Buns & Thighs yesterday, and zumba (I don't usually double up like that), and I am sore all over today! The bathing suit is from Victoria Secret :)
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  • bump when we move, I plan to have a veggie garden (even tho zucchini has seeds, so isn't a "veggie"), so I will probably be eating a lot of zucchini! these sound GREAT
  • Good luck with the 10k!!! Sounds tough :/ 3.5 mi is my longest run. I can't seem to lose myself in a run like I can in other workouts. I'm excited to see everybody's results!
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  • Wow, at that size you can't tell a difference....but when the pics take up the entire computer screen, there is a definite difference in the tops of my thighs. And (my bf agrees) my arms look a lot more muscular than in the pics. Oh well. Gotta keep on truckin!
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  • I had a feeling I'd be alone on this. Yeah, I agree, week 1 FEELS easy to me too, but I get the most sore from weird.
  • I call it "hangry." If you're not fueling your body, you're going to feel weak and irritable. I have had people hand me food a few times just to get me to calm myself :laugh: I get hangry in a bad way if I don't eat enough!
  • Week 3 is tough, of course! For me, the cardio is what just about kills me....jumping lunges in circuit 3 have me miserable. I don't do them as fast as the video, for the sake of my knees. The first strength circuit starts off interesting with a bear crawl (not too tough) and a duck walk...pretty brutal. She doesn't do the…
  • I didn't find week 4 quite as difficult as weeks 2 & 3. The scissor kicks in circuit 2 (cardio) are BRUTAL and the last strength circuit has some crazy push-ups that are killer. Overall I like week four a lot. She stops the last abs early to congratulate you and stuff. I ended up continuing the abs through most of her…
  • So glad you're feeling better!!! Sounds pretty terrible :cry: I'm taking today off from week 4. My shoulders and back are super sore!! I've been really good about keeping up with it, even with a house full of in-laws! I'll be done with week 4 and will still have 4-5 days left out of 30, so I plan to do each workout one…
  • I want to wait to take my measurements until the end. Last week and this week have been tough with weddings, graduations, company, and end of school year....trying to be mindful, and I've kept up with the workouts. Still, I'd like to not measure until things calm down a bit. I started week 4 today. Tough, but not as tough…
  • Sounds like good news. Glad to hear it!
  • Wow!!! Nicely done!!!
  • Jump on in!!! I did week 3 day 1 today, and those jumping lunges were miserable. Not sure she meant to, but she totally skips the second set of the third strength exercise in the first circuit. Probably should have done a retake!!! Oh well, my shoulders were certainly not feeling left out!
  • Week 2 Day 2 done this morning!!! I only had to stop for a second 2 or 3 times, as compared to yesterday, when I literally fell and could not get back up! LOL The first cardio set is brutal! Plank Jacks to Mtn Climbers to Plank Jacks to Mtn Climbers back to back without releasing?!?!?! Oh my arms!!!!! WOW, Jillian. This…