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  • Also been having this problem lately. I got given loads of chocolate and stuff for my birthday a couple of days ago, and I've been trying to eat it *slowly*. Most of the time I'm good with portion control, I can have just a bit and be happy. Not last night. :-/ I ate about 500 calories worth of evening snacks.
  • Is there a reason you want to get down to that specific weight? You're a healthy weight now, and if you're struggling to get extra weight off, keeping it off might be a battle. I'm 5ft, and I remember getting down to 8st 4 last time I was on MFP. I wasn't exactly underweight, but I found it very difficult to comfortably…
  • Not necessarily since I started losing weight, but over the past couple of years I made a commitment to myself that I would retry all the veg I told myself I didn't like. I used to pretty much just eat peas and carrots. Now I know I actually like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato, butternut squash, parsnips, and…
  • I like using quorn because you can cook it from frozen. Baked eggs is a good vegetarian go-to meal for me. I fry onions, peppers if I have any, add chopped tomatoes, a generous amount of basil, place in an ovenproof bowl. Crack an egg on top and the cook in the over for 15 minutes. If you want to make it more filling you…
  • 30 day shred has been working really well for me. I don't really know how much it has contributed to my weight loss, but I feel stronger. My upper body strength in particular is noticeably better. I just started level three yesterday. I don't do it everyday, only days where I don't go to the gym. Also, I did level 1 for…
  • Diet cola is fine. The only thing to be aware of is that it is acidic, so it is still not great for your teeth if you drink it throughout the day, even if it doesn't have sugar in. :-)
  • I usually have a bigger breakfast that is later than usual. This keeps me full so I'm less tempted to snack or eat a bigger lunch than I need. I also make plans of what I can cook in the evening that's light on calories, if I do decide to have something heavier for lunch.
  • In my first year of university, I used to bribe myself to come into the library and revise with a caramel macchiato from our on-campus fake Starbucks. Then I looked up the nutritionals. :-( Now I just get a small skinny cappuccino.
  • I used to only weigh myself every week or every two weeks, but after reading a thread about daily weighing, I bought myself a set of scales and downloaded Libra to track everything. I've only been doing that for less than a week, but already it's nice not having to feel tense about "weighing in day".
  • The micro-organisms which grow fastest on vegetables are spoilage organisms which are unlikely to cause illness. The best before on veg is calculated based on this, on not on the growth of pathogenic organisms. Therefore, if it looks fine, it's unlikely to cause illness. This is not true for all foods, though, obviously.
  • I assume the weight you're quoting is of the weight of the fat content as opposed to the overall weight of the grease. This is because that entry is assuming the bacon grease is mostly water.
  • Poached egg on two slices of danish bread with margarine, plus a Clementine. Would have been better with wholemeal bread, but since I have sandwiches every week day, I find it much easier to stay within my goals if I buy the low cal danish stuff.
  • You're 100% not alone in this.So many people struggle with their weight and emotional eating. The good news is, there are lots of ways you can turn this around! :-) As the poster above said, baby steps. I think a good first change you can try to make is to try and find a healthier way of dealing with stress. Maybe go for a…
  • I would try not to keep rice in the fridge longer than three days. Also, try to defrost in the fridge overnight, don't heat to defrost unless you're literally eating it straight afterwards.
  • Haha, when my GP said I had hypermobility syndrome, I thought, "Hypermobility? You've got to be kidding, I've never been able to touch my toes." My PT explained my hamstrings were too tight because I grew up with HM in my knees and hips, just like my traps were really tense from keeping my shoulders from falling out of…
  • Which joints are hypermobile? I have hypermobility in my shoulders, hips, and hands. I do various exercises as my physiotherapist taught me. I tried pilates workouts at home when I first started, but I was so weak I just got frustrated. I should really try that again. :-/ I've found the best way to go with new strength…
  • I didn't realise Netflix had fitness videos! Will have to check it out when I finish 30ds.
  • Yes, I have the same issue. It seems to be getting better as time goes on though. But I still literally threw a tantrum the other day when my boyfriend won a card game. From what I remember the last time I stuck to MFP and reached maintainance is that the grumpiness is temporary.
  • No, but it can indirectly make things more difficult. There are sometimes ways to make it easier. I realised one of the reasons I was struggling with exercise was because I was anaemic due to my nexplanon causing problems. Iron supplements helped a lot. If your contraception makes you more likely to have cravings, there…
  • Which IUD are you using? Is it non-hormonal, progesterone only, or something else? It is totally as simple as CICO, but after my issues with Nexplanon I'm very sympathetic to people struggling with contraception that doesn't agree with them!
  • Isn't that just an argument about the semantics though? I'm not sure either way, but I think people just mean that muscle is *denser* than fat. So out of two people the exact same size, the one with the lower body fat % would weigh more?
  • One of the more bizarre myths I came across was one of my housemates, who did not have "protein and carbs in the same meal, because it won't digest it properly." She also went on an anti-candida diet because she was convinced yeast was giving her headaches. She was certain too much yeast in your body gives you "leaky gut…
  • Mine is open. I eat on average about 1,300 odd calories a day and I'm always on the lookout for new meal ideas. :-)
  • My only consolation when this happens is that I still add the same amount of jam, except now the jam is more concentrated in the porridge, and so the whole thing tastes sweeter. :-)
  • I'm on quite a similar budget to you to feed me and my boyfriend. :-) Tesco's reduced section significantly improves the my quality of life. :')
  • I'd only be concerned if you're regularly feeling hungry. At that point, it might be a good idea to choose fruit snacks with less sugar and more fibre, or even with veg. You should be careful with smoothies, juices, and dried fruits, if you eat those. They're quite calorie dense.
  • Feta is definitely on my next shopping list...
  • Does weight lifting have any advantages over other kind of resistance training? At the moment, I only use my bodyweight, dumbbells, or machines. I have to keep the weights light and work my way up slowly because of my disability. I'm seeing some progress, but I feel like there's no point in me taking up space in the free…
  • It's kind of sad, because this app had helped me a lot so I feel it wouldn't be a bad thing to support it financially, but MFP premium is too much money for too little in return.