What do you order at Starbucks/weight loss



  • olive1968
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    Grande Americano black (15). I do a lot of coffee meetings so I will get this decaf so I have something to drink but the cals are negligible.

    Grande nonfat latte (130)

    Grande cappucino. (120)
  • Btheodore138
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    I usually get the small soy chai latte, which is around 120 calories. You can get whatever you want really, as long as you keep the cup small (and it's not one of those coffee milkshakes).
  • antennachick
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    When I am in the mood for a "splurge" at Starbucks, I order a Mocha Light Frappuccino (Grande, 16 ounces): 140 calories, 1 g fat, 0 g saturated fat, 29 g sugar, 190 mg sodium. Otherwise, it is venti Passion Fruit tea, unsweetened or a latte with skim milk and 3 equals.
    Is light sugar free also? Thats pretty low cal !
  • antennachick
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    Order black or Americano and add your protien powder...thats the best bet ;)
  • laurenpjokl
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    In my first year of university, I used to bribe myself to come into the library and revise with a caramel macchiato from our on-campus fake Starbucks.

    Then I looked up the nutritionals. :-(

    Now I just get a small skinny cappuccino.
  • Iced coffee- no classic syrup, sf caramel syrup,2tbs heavy whipping cream. About 100 calories. (I don't count the cream, it's my fat portion for the day) no sugar, low carb
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  • sliminby60
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    Not coffee but a Venti Unsweetened Passion Tea Lemonade is quite refreshing and only 70 calories

    yes i like the venti iced green tea lemonade unsweetened with 4 splenda 70 calorie
  • robininfl
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    I don't like skim milk in coffee...

    I get either the big latte 2% milk with 1-2 packets of raw sugar (lots of calories but oh so nice)


    Iced coffee, little bit of 2% milk and half of whatever is the regular amount of sweetener, because even though I like iced coffee sweet, I can't stand it as sweet as their standard-issue "sweetened".

    if I really can't have calories, or don't want coffee:

    Iced green tea unsweetened is delicious.
  • k_nelson_24
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    Venti iced coffee with SF hazelnut syrup and nonfat milk (40 cals)
    Grande nonfat cappuccino with 2 sweet n lows (80 calls)
  • k_nelson_24
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    And for sure the passion tea! Sometimes with sweetener.