Storing Steamed Rice and Fresh Green Beans

I'm going to make a weeks worth of steamed rice and green beans for lunches this coming do I need to freeze them or let them be in the fridge


  • smit7633
    smit7633 Posts: 182 Member
    Can't hurt to freeze them if you're worried...
  • laurenpjokl
    laurenpjokl Posts: 118 Member
    I would try not to keep rice in the fridge longer than three days. Also, try to defrost in the fridge overnight, don't heat to defrost unless you're literally eating it straight afterwards.
  • Kristinemomof3
    Kristinemomof3 Posts: 636 Member
    Should be fine in the fridge. I would not freeze them.
  • longhorn1978
    longhorn1978 Posts: 16 Member
    Ok thank you so much
  • kshama2001
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    Rice is fine in the frig for a week. Not sure about green beans - try it and see.

    What are you doing for protein and fat?
  • ninerbuff
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    Rice is fine in just a sealed container. I have one of those vacuum sealers for vegetables and it keeps them fresh for a week easily.

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