Starting again.. Advice needed please!


After some advice; I am fat. I am 16st and growing. When I feel sad, worried, stressed I eat. Drive thru processed *kitten*, chocolate etc.. But I need to face up to my weight and need to lose weight for my health.
I have lost my confidence and stay mostly at home and feel rubbish. But I have to face up to this..


  • saraonly9913
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    You might want to post this in the Motivation & Support section. Take baby steps if that's all you can do for now.
  • laurenpjokl
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    You're 100% not alone in this.So many people struggle with their weight and emotional eating. The good news is, there are lots of ways you can turn this around! :-)

    As the poster above said, baby steps. I think a good first change you can try to make is to try and find a healthier way of dealing with stress. Maybe go for a walk. Exercise is a proven way to improve mood, and you needn't spend a fortune on a gym membership to do it. Maybe have a *portion controlled* treat. Mindfulness might help.
  • kandisn7
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    You might look up sugar addiction and see if you fit that profile. A lot of what you said fits that profile. I was a sugar addict! Best of luck to you!
  • BelleCakes2018
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    I know what you mean about staying at home and not wanting to face the world... I don't want to sound like a scratched record as I have replied to alot of posts tonight.. but I am on Atkins induction... yes it's strict in the way of carbs an sugar.. but if you can get through that you won't feel hungry on it. You can drop a lot of weight quickly which could give you enough confidence to leave the house, go for a walk etc and then you could choose a diet more suited to you - eg. calories, weightwatchers etc.. but the Atkins would make you feel better about yourself quickly which is what always motivated me the most. Dropping 1-2lb a week isn't the best motivation when you feel this bad - takes too long to see a decent result and you give up.x