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  • Hospital ICU clerk here. 7pm-7am
  • I have 4 more hours left but have to stick around for a 5th so I can get my finger looked at. Then another 12 and I'm off for two whole days lol HI!
  • 1. Log everything 2. get a run in. soccer practice counts. if it's cancelled, a real run. 3. Bed early so I can gym tomorrow morning!
  • Don't you dare tell me Gluten Free Beer is even comparable to the real stuff lol. I miss my beer. There's some okay ones out there but...just... no.
  • It's definitely more challenging to develop the habit on the weekends for me too. Monday through Friday, I am in a routine. I log the day as soon as I get to work. Weekends, I sleep in and am out of routine. As soon as I remember though, I log. Just gotta remind yourself. Maybe put an alarm on your phone or something?
  • Celiac for 3 years now. Love hate it for me. I miss 'real' pizza. And chicken fingers. Etc. But I have opened my mind to a wider variety of healthier options (meats, fruits, veg, etc) I agree that if you don't NEED to be gluten free - DON'T. That being said, society is so carb heavy now and we as a population could cut…
  • Lactose intolerant Celiac here! Leftovers from dinner the night before today is - Broccoli, Mashed potatoes, and BBQ Ribs:smile: Salads with a vinaigrette dressing. I'll mix an avocado with tuna (usually a seasoned can ie Lemon Pepper) and put it on rice crackers if I need something carby. Spaghetti Squash or Zoodles as a…
  • My jaw literally dropped. You look amazing! Congrats!
  • Story of my life. I just try to plan on it or make it worth it ;)
  • Also, batch cook bacon and have a few slices ready to go.
  • I have Celiac Disease and must adhere to a strict gluten free diet. Additionally, I am lactose intolerant so I eat a low dairy diet (occasionally some Greek Yogurt or a bit of cheese or frozen yogurt). That all being said, I did the Whole30 in May and LOVED it. Wait, LOVED is an unfair word... hindsight - really enjoyed…
  • NAILS NAILS NAILS. I used to do my own all the time and loved it but the last while, it's turned into a bit of a chore. SO - I decided to spoil myself with a salon visit these last two times. When I did them myself, Rounded square and any and all types of nail polish/nail art. The techs have gently coherced me into going…
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  • So situational. Taste for taste, I prefer sugar. I generally don't add much sugar to my food or drinks though
  • What about those hand bikes? They look weird but I hear they help. I'd ask your PT, they should be able to point you in the right directiom
  • This is a great reminder. Sometimes I find myself "Doing everything riiiiight" but sleeping <5 hrs and wonder why I feel like junk.
  • Also, if the wastefulness is your main concern for the K-Cup, they have the reusable k-cup things where you put your own coffee in and use and re use the k cup. I go the tassimo route because I'm the only one who drinks coffee in the house. And I will also second the manual element of the french press. Keep an eye on…
  • Wow, unbelievable. I think the part that makes this such a powerful success story is that it encompasses the LIFESTYLE change to a 't'. Amazing commitment and dedication.
  • I wrapped up my whole30 on May 30. And just about done the reintroductions. It was great! Helped me reassess my food (and liquor) relationships. And, I managed to lose 10 lbs in the month too.
  • I used to be that way. And it would affect my mood, noticeably. Suggestions: Toss the scale or hide it for awhile. Break the habit. Eat well. Track your intake. Once you have those POSITIVE habits created, pull out the scale. Weigh once a week at first. I use the trendweight app as mentioned above and I like it now, it…
  • ANy pro tips for someone looking to start up? My plan is to start May 1 just because I know this next week will be full of beer and wine and eating out so I don't want to lie to myself. (Best friend is here from out of town)
  • Does it blend well or do you use a blender??
  • Fried egg sammich! <3 Egg, GF bread, tbsp mayo, 2 slices bacon, tomato. And a coffee.
  • Not an allergy but I'm celiac and lactose intolerant. So I can certainly appreciate the challenges,
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  • My concern is more along the lines of temptation. If he's under goal for the day and can have his treat of choce to up the calories, there I sit watching him eat a tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
  • Bring up the convo of couch to 5k maybe? It's a pretty basic progression and maybe she'd be into it if you're still doing it with her. if not, I think the fairest way would be like @wizzybeth suggested, 2x a week for you, the rest with her. If you want an added challenge, look into buying ankle weights? You could walk the…
  • It's really disappointing. Weightloss is already such a huge market, let's over-inform and mis-inform people looking to better themselves. =(
  • "Excuse me, do you have a bandaid?" "Um, there might be one in the first aid kit...?" "Because you are cut. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) "