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  • Cartina21 Withering a Weigh CW 325.6
  • Cartina21 Withering a Weigh CW 326.3 :/ sorry team that's a gain
  • Cartina21 Withering a weigh 324.3
  • Hey !! just found this challenge starting today. D1 50 squats done !!
  • Hey there !! Starting over again with MFP . I have 100+ lb to lose this time I'm here for the long haul. I have to get this weight off . I definitely could use some motivation and support. Feel free to add me
  • Hey !! Looking for Fitbit friends for challenges especially the workweek hustle. Keeps me motivated to move during the week . https://www.fitbit.com/user/2WJLRT
  • Still Here !!
  • Rounding off my week: Sat: Strength training + Cardio 100 squats + 30 push ups + 30 sit ups Sun: 3 mile walk 1hr cardio So that's 400 squats 150 push ups 150 sit ups Wow!! I didn't realize I was doing that much. I just kinda did 3 sets of 10 each day I worked out (except for my 3 mile days) My chest is sore !! HAPPY…
  • Hey Black Team !! Been very busy all week. My daughter is graduating highschool this year we been doing prom stuff college prep job interviews its been pretty hectic but I did manage to stay on track and get my workouts in. My progress for the week: Mon : Rest Day sort of i did do 50 squats 30 pushups 30 sit ups Tues: 3…
  • I have about 130lbs to lose . Anybody feel free to add me. We got a long ways to go...
  • I saw your recipe it sounds awesome I'm def gonna have to give it a try !!
  • Love zucchini this sounds great !!
  • I just bought a Ninja so I started juicing. I make a Green Drink wich is kale ,baby spinach ,carrots ,an apple and blueberries. I drink 16oz twice a day. Will this count towards my fruit and veggie goal ?
  • I was able to fit in the Arc Trainer Elliptical Machine without the outside of my hips hitting the sides. I didn't have to take my phone and keys out of my pockets to keep them from banging on the sides of the machine !!
  • So for the rest of the week: Friday: Rest Day Sat: Strength Training + 45 Min Cardio I did another 45 bicycle crunches that's only 90 don't think I'll be getting the rest in Sorry =( I did eat breakfast every morning this week no recipe Thats it for me until next weeks challenge......
  • Hey Black Team !! Congrats to Squishy :drinker: My progress for this week: Mon: Step Class 1hr cardio Tues: Elliptical Machine C25K on Treadmill 1hr cardio Wed : Step Class 1hr cardio Thu: I did my something new well something Different instead of strength training at the gym I did a strength training video at home with…
  • The bicycle crunches will definitely be a challenge for me. I hate doing any kind of exercises that I have to get on the floor,especially at the gym. I'm just too big for all that , when I get on the floor Its kinda hard to get up !! I never do the last 10 min of step class cause its all floor work. I will try my best do…
  • I have the FT7 mens HRM their is an option when settingyour user profile to change it to female. The chest strap is adjustable.
  • Here's my update: Thursday : Step Class 1hr Cardio + 50 squats Friday : Rest Day I had sushi for dinner Rainbow Roll thats salmon and tuna believe me I doused them things witha ton of soy sauce to get them down !! Saturday : Step Class in the morning 1hr cardio + 50 squats - Elliptical Machine in the evening 1hr cardio +50…
  • Hey Hey Black Team !! My mid week check in For week 1 this is what I got so far: Well first of all let me start by saying I had a low weight loss last week (.7lb) cause I was off from work for 4 days and I realized my TDEE went down big time . I have another 4 days off this week ,so I decided to do two a days this week to…
  • Thursday Went to the track did 3 miles 1 hr cardio +50 squats Friday was a rest day Saturday strength training + 100 squats 1/2 hour cardio C25K W3D1 on treadmill
  • Late entry for black team okay i have to figure out how to do the picture will repost when i get to a computer Simple dish : 1/2 red bell pepper 1/2 yellow bell pepper 1/2 green bell pepper 1/2 small onion 4oz lite polska kielbasa 4 oz spaghetti squash Cook spaghetti squash separately Sautee remaining ingredients I used…
  • Hey Black Team !! Been working on the 0 week challenges this is what I got so far: Mon 1hr Cardio Tues 1hr Strength training +100 Squats and 1/2 hr cardio Wed tried something new I did a Group Active Class( 1 hr cardio )which included a ton of squats I lost count after 50 I plan on going to the track today weather…
  • Name: Niki How much do you weigh: 316.4 How many lbs would you like to lose?: 100 (for now) What are you goals along this journey?: to lose 60lbs and be able to jog a 5k by end of summer Will you be committed?: yes !! I need a challenge and accountability What is your weakness (food wise)? anything sweet with a big cup of…
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  • Okay step class two days in a row What was I thinking. My daughter begged me to go and invited a friend so I caved and went again today. On top of a bad food day I ended up getting a smoothie from the juice bar ,put me way over in sugar. Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day
  • Today strength training + cardio. I was gonna attempt to do C25K w1d1 but I chickened out and just did Arc Trainer instead. I'll try again Thursday maybe. Tomorrow Step Class my hardest workout of the week. Wish me Luck!!
  • Toady was a family affair at the gym my mom and my daughter was there !! Just did some cardio on the elliptical. 1/2 hour on the Arc trainer hill intervals and 30 min on the regular elliptical weight loss setting Mom was doing her thing on the treadmill I think she got a good 45 min in thats the longest she's ever stayed…
  • Went to the track today although it was supposed to be a rest day. I had to take advantage of the nice weather we had. It was so refreshing to get outside a have a nice leisurely walk. Better than being in a hot sweaty gym!! Anyhow I walked 3.10 miles in 66 mins at 2.8 mph 4996 steps burned 368 calories.