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  • I'm waiting for that one. I've lost 35 lbs and I'm supposed to go back soon for a vitamin D test. I'm hoping she will see it in the chart, lol.
  • Once a week.
  • Actually the real name is Almond MILK. So, I think we can just keep calling it that.
  • Quick day today. 30 minutes on the stationary bike at resistance 9 and then 5 minutes on the rowing machine because I'm still bad at it, lol. Then some stretching.
  • Bummer. I had that problem when it first came out too.
  • I gotta admit that I was sitting here evolving my Pokemon Go pokemon when I read this...lol.
  • I have a fitbit HR. You can press the button on the side when you start your workout and press it again when you finish. After you sync it up you will e able to see the calorie burn breakdown for the workout. It actually breaks it down all day for exactly when you burn what, but it will put the workout in another category…
  • http://www.bodybuildingestore.com/benefits-of-jumping-jacks-exercise/
  • Go to water areas like lakes, rivers or the ocean. You get dratinis there. I have two after going to Lake Arrowhead. Someday I will get more!!!!!
  • It's all about walking Snorlax. He's a decent pokemon now, but I got him out of an egg and never found another one. Now I shall advance him through walking!!!
  • If you hold onto your pidgeys and don't evolve stuff right away there's a trick to getting a ton of exp points. Use lucky eggs to go on an evolve spree, don't use it for hunting. Pidgeys are only 12 candies to evolve and ratatas are only 25. Save them up and only trade in enough to cover all your evolves and then mass…
  • I've been wanting water pokemon for a awhile now. We went up to Lake Arrowhead this weekend and I caught a bunch of them! Lots of magicarp and goldeen and a few poliwags. Several psyducks a tentacool and two dratinis! I was pretty happy about that. ALso, the eggs that we put into incubators while we were at the lake…
  • What did you fight? Remember, each pokemon has a weakness. If you fought a water pokemon with your fire pokemon it'd be game over pretty quick. keenandgraev.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/pokemon-type-chart.jpg
  • Arrgh. I just had a Scyther pop up on my screen twice and I wasn't able to bring them up to catch before they disappeared. :(
  • Right now it maxes out at lvl 40
  • You should make a BS account just for games and stuff.
  • What do you consider machine hogging. Because if you're doing sets you have 60 second intervals in between. If it's a machine some people don't mind switching out in between. Don't like switching on on bench though.
  • I gotta admit that with all the time I play this game I generally never bother looking through the Pokedex. I was like " I know all the characters, why bother?" Live and learn, lol. Thanx.
  • I didn't realize it showed this anywhere. So it tells you how many pop up and how many you catch out of that?
  • Can we break them up into sets throughout the day or are we supposed to knock them out on one session. Cause that I can't do, lol.
  • My husband, my friend and I spent about three hours at Downtown Disney tonight and came back with tons of stuff. Mostly pidgeys, but stardust is stardust so who cares! They have a ton of pokestops at DD and most of them were lit up with lures. We set off our incense and lucky eggs and picked up as much as we could. It was…
  • Go to malls. Free wifi and usually lots of pokestops. Also, people usually already have lures set off. Bonus!
  • I only have one Weedle. I'll take yours, lol. No Lapras or Jynx for me, but we got an Aerodactyl the other day and that made me quite teh happy camper. Go Team Valor. :)
  • A CP1327 Exeggutor just popped in my living room and pretended he was going to let me catch him. Long story short, I now have no more Ultra balls and the lone CP121 Exeggutor that I had before is still the only one I have. :(
  • Did you activate the tracker? Press the button on the side at the start and finish of the workout?
  • This is great. If you freeze your strawberries you don't even need the ice. Keeps it from getting watered down. :)
  • Arctic Zero ice cream is 150 calories for a pint. This is a good one for summer. It's not amazing like Ben & Jerrys or anything but it might help once in a while.