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  • my butterfly kicks are finally close to satisfactory! i also was able to do wushu 5th duan compulsory form without breaks. this for me is huge. (this form is something that 12 year olds learn lol) - i'm 46 and this form is frigging exhausting to me. i still don't have the aerial cartwheel, but i'm really really close!…
  • i find that stretching daily while doing other mundane things (like folding laundries or watching movies) makes a big difference. it somehow helps keep your mind off how uncomfortable it is.
  • hi! i haven't posted here in a while, but i upped my classes to 2 hrs twice a week wushu, 5 days a week weight training, 2 hrs acrobatics/handstands. i'm learning my first "adult" wushu form - (yes at 45 yrs old lol) and it means i have to get my aerial cartwheel for this form and a few jump kicks that i don't know yet.…
  • the school has been on spring break and i am out of town the end of april to early may - so i'm squeezing in a month's worth of classes in one week starting on weds because we pay monthly. should be interesting! i also am having the hardest time practicing spear - even outside i keep hitting things, the thing is so…
  • i decided to go with gymnastics style carpet with the padding. i'm just going to order one 5x10 roll out chunk first, see if i like it and then order a second and trim to cover the whole room (10x14). i can't wait!!!
  • I wish my backyard was flat - it's on a very steep incline so it's hard to practice there!
  • Wow!!! Awesome !!! Congratulations!!
  • "butterfly kick" in wushu is probably similar to the tricking/parkour butterflies - almost like a semi-aerial cartwheel, maybe it's the one the bwmalone says is odd looking. i have trouble with these but getting a little better!
  • i just looked at the tornado kick on youtube - i think we have the same kick in wushu, though maybe the wushu one bends lower to the ground before kicking - not sure? when i was first learning this kick i found this quick tutorial really helpful because it breaks down how to get the kick in a progression:…
  • mon - weightlifting in the am, handstands and acrobatics in the pm, tues - weightlifting in the am, 2 hrs wushu in the pm, today - just weightlifting and practice at home. tomorrow, just weightlifting and going on vacation! i have 2 goals while on vacation - to not overeat and to work on cartwheels and aerial progressions…
  • wow dory that is awesome! glad about no concussions!
  • i think it depends on where in the states you live @trackercasey76 @thecraigferguson. where i lived earlier in some urban ghetto areas - it was a very real problem. i had drive-bys on my street, was in my house when a kid got shot and killed at the end of my block, saw armed police in the middle of the afternoon searching…
  • I really love reading these.Thank you all for sharing - it's very motivating. Hopefully you will check in every while so we can see how well we did by the end of 2018. An aside - I'm also really surprised at how many people practice Korean martial arts! (I did when I was a kid, but as an adult I'm learning Chinese martial…
  • i have and it's often a little painful to watch but super helpful to make corrections. my acrobatics teacher often uses this side by side app and records himself doing a movement and records us individually doing the same movement so we can see side by side us vs him - what we're doing incorrectly/what we can do to…
  • monday: weight training 1 hr am, handstands and acrobatics classes 2hr pm tues: weight training am, wushu 2hrs class pm weds: weight training am, acrobatics 1 hr pm thurs: weight training am, wushu 2 hrs class pm fri: heading out to weight training and will take the evening just to slowly review forms. just finished…
  • weight training an hr each on m/t/th/f. monday - handstands and acrobatics classes, tues 2 hrs wushu, thurs 2 hrs wushu, today heading out for acrobatics again if i can finish work in time!
  • what is a turkish getup?
  • I've been going to a circuit training class so the coach there helps to determine what weights I'm lifting/how heavy. I really have no clue how to determine it myself :P It seems like there's focus in areas each day - legs one day, back/glutes another, arms another, etc. I can take pic of the board he writes stuff on…
  • i suppose that's better than carrying it home unwrapped, clenched in your fist on the subway :D
  • I started weight training Jan1 - 5 days a week for 1 hr sessions. I usually do 2-4 hrs of wushu per week and 2 hrs of acrobatics per week, 1 hr of handstands training. Since I'm new to weight training - I'm REALLY sore. From what I understand from the trainer - building muscle bulk has a lot to do with your diet (enough…
  • monday i did an hr each of weight training, handstands practice, and acrobatics. yesterday i did an hour of weight training in the morning and 2 hours of wushu at night. i'm about halfway into learning the movements of the elementary straightsword form but i'm still feeling rusty and creaky from holiday break! today i have…
  • no i did carry pepper spray in my pocket when going out in my old neighborhood a few years back which was pretty ghetto - but where i live now is quite safe. i do keep a crowbar by the bedside out of habit from living alone as a single woman, but i have never used it on a person.
  • mine: i really want to land an aerial cartwheel this year. this is the year.
  • heading to the first class after a really long break. i started weight training this week (for the first time in my life) so i am really sore. i know this class is going to suck but it has to happen!
  • dang and I thought this thread was going to be about breakdancing :D
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  • aw thank you! (it's what i've been doing for living for over 20 years - graphic design)