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  • I hear you... I have been trying to lose 15--25lbs for a while now and it will not budge. I keep redoing my numbers, looking at where to cut food, logging my food -- ignoring it for a while etc. I think weights and cardio are what is needed but it just comes off slowly and there will be set backs. deployments help to stay…
  • I have to say I think counting is benefical but allowing yourself a percentage per your standard of less than nutritional inputs is fine. It really is about what helps you lose/maintain/etc your weight. I have a saying that it isn't about what you take out of your diet it is what you put into it. So the more Good stuff you…
  • Wow, well you got some posts now huh?? Seriously, you did put yourself in an exclusion status by limiting who can be your support friend.. why does it matter if the support is from someone younger or older? Just remove the offending folks and try again. I have joined particular challenge groups for support rather than…
  • Thank you. I think I might have a hard time just eating all the calories suggested. I hardly meet the ones I have now!! But, I think by looking at it I need more fiberous foods and protein so, I think the difference can be made up there. I do love my carbs though.
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  • yes and yes, it's designed that way. just be truthful!
  • I read this recently and thought it was cool.. what if you have people bring you their favorite bottle of wine, have labels for them to fill out so you know who brought what, and when you open it you can have a mini-celebration every time! It would be neat I think.. but how you go about asking for that rather than…
  • I think you shared because what better place to just get it out there and say those words that no one wants to say. Also, we aren't going to ask you a bunch of ridiculous questions or stare blankly. (Well maybe.. but who will truly know -- humor attempt). Serious part -- stay positive and get things right in your life.…
  • Not sure it is a good thing. Even healthy food can be fun to eat and fun to plan. I would worry if it goes too long, but if it is only for a bit then I wouldn't worry too much.
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  • I think it just depends.. when we just say mop then no, but if we do our crazy around the house Sunday cleaning.. then yes.. as I keep it up for a period of time with the intention of making it count. So, ... all depends on you. And as far as sex. I believe you can find a cardio count for that if you were wanting :wink:
  • I would say it's the tracking that is important so do whatever is necessary to track your intake (and if you mentally add 20 cal to your end of day count who cares?). Outside of that Ketchup is a big calorie addition because who eats just a tablespoon and what are you eating it on or with? Unless you are no kidding only…
  • Wish I had a FitBit! I will google it to see if it is something I would like to use but -- I too am trying to lose the 25lbs I keep moving around. I am a military person so fitness is part of my life and I do workout but I am looking to truly kick my own butt and lose it! I would love to blame it on my youngest kiddo but…
  • Thanks for the info - will get this book to read when i can!
  • "the burrito from earlier today..."
  • too funny:laugh:
  • "you can't quit what you never really invested time in, why is it always me doing the work in this relationship?"
  • "Hey Claude -- I was just thinking about you.. weird huh?"
  • Then Claude went out to the beach, bringing wine, chocolate and some speedos....
  • Except for his new friend Claude
  • Because your initial calories before exercise are set approx 500 calories less a day (for a 1lb/wk) and if you exercise you'll go below what is considered a healthy amt of food for running your basic needs as you burn through more calories and reducing your overall intake to less than 1200. That number (approx) puts you in…
  • Food tastes better -- in my opinion unadulterated!
  • Have to state the same -- sounds like you're just wanting too much too soon. Inches are way more important than pounds so be happy with your success and give yourself some time to let the fat melt off!
  • I did the same thing, my back was killing me and it's still off but, I logged my food. I guess the best thing to do is just MAKE yourself get to the gym two days in a row after that, thinking it'll be like you never took a break. I just forced myself to go... and it worked, back into the swing of it. Good luck!
  • yum.... I normally do chicken instead of tuna but, that sounds good to me!
  • Nice... I guess what OP are saying as well as there is no ownership of "fat" and if they are your friends you should be able to say something like -- I really need to go to the gym I feel fat today.
  • I have people tell me not to worry about my weight cause I look "good" enough. Why is it you have to be 30+ pounds to be accepted as a person who wants to trim down? Sorry, I know you 're looking for empathy but really -- body image is just that an image and everyone can improve their body and complain about it too. Just…
  • Didn't mean to give that impression. I meant that when I was purchasing non-organics. I now purchase organic foods to include meats, grains, etc. Whenever I can. Not always the easist thing to do. And yes that is what the movie is about. Very good movie, highly suggest it!
  • I don't know - popping noises are okay but the falling down and dislocation - probably not so good. I would ask a DR. to be certain everything is okay. How long has this been happening?
  • So sad.. poor cheesecake.
  • Even though there are a ton of posts reinforcing your transformation I just have to add that you look GREAT! Good luck on the last 10 and toning!