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  • Flavoured Stevia drops. I have Vanilla and English Toffee ones and they're delicious. I also add pumpkin pie spice to the grounds. Mmm. Yum.
  • Parmesan Garlic Roasted Broccoli. Or asparagus. Really any roasted vegetable is great but parmesan garlic is my favorite.
  • I try to hit 10,000 a day minimum. I could use some motivation. ☺
  • Me, too. Feel free to add me, anybody reading this. I haven't used MFP in quite a while but I've gained a bit of weight in the last few weeks and look 5 months pregnant again (ugh, I was looking 3 months for a while there) so I'm going to try getting back into MFP to help me. I'm hoping to specifically find some PCOS…
  • 'I'm constantly up and down with my weight since I have trouble being really strict with my diet. ;( Boo. I'm hoping some other people will have some advice since I don't. lol
  • I have a 5x8 foot floor space, a yoga mat and a set of 3 to 8 pound dumbells...that's my gym. I don't have access to a gym, nor time to drive there, nor money to workout there so I've always exercised at home (started at 14 years old in my bedroom lol)
  • I do only videos since I don't have access to a gym. I love it personally. It's easier for me to find the time to workout at home than it is to find the time to prep, drive, workout, drive home. Sometimes when I'm super busy I'll take a break in the video to go put laundry in the washer or dryer. lol I wish I could afford…
  • I don't like storebought eggnog very much but my homemade stuff is amazing! :)
  • I don't know to be honest. I was 15 when I was diagnosed and my doctor mainly said that my blood work showed I had PCOS....she said a few other things but had a super heavy accent so I didn't hear any of it. lol I have to get a new doctor one of these days to get everything tested again since it's been a long time.
  • When I was diagnosed it was through blood work and an ultrasound. I did NOT have any cysts but my blood work is what showed that I did have PCOS. Also, I have a friend who is having MAJOR troubles with ovarian cysts...but she doesn't have PCOS.
  • The premade ones are FULL of sugar and other artificial crap. I'd go for a flavoured green tea. I drink LOTS of tea, I absolutely love tea, however, I'm not a great fan of plain green tea but you can get endless kinds of green tea. I'd go for something like a strawberry green tea or something like that because it'll have a…
  • You want something that looks like this::: http://busy-mommy.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/jello-1024x731.jpg which is a 6oz box.
  • I save a ton of money! I buy Balkan Style yogurt which is about $4, 4L of 3.25% is $6 so $10 for the supplies. Making yogurt is super, duper easy and makes barely any mess so I don't worry about any of that at all. For $10 I get about 7 jars of yogurt. I eat yogurt every single day for my snack at work. I'd be spending a…
  • Basically, yes. Not everybody has bad side effects to things with aspartame. I also believe that people can eat/drink/do what they want. If something out there does have a million legit studies saying it causes cancer and somebody still wants to eat or drink it then I think it's their choice to do so. I just give my…
  • Aspartame gives me headaches. I don't believe it gives you cancer and stuff like that but one glass of Crystal Light is instant headache for me. :(
  • I'm also buying groceries for my boyfriend to (I do all the grocery shopping for our household) so I can't completely cut out carbs. It'd be much easier if I just had to shop myself but that's not happening... I also try to only go to the store once or twice a month because I ALWAYS buy more than necessary when I go the…
  • Yay! Proof that Cysters do have added challenges to weight loss! I hate when "normal" people tell me that my PCOS is NOT making it any harder to lose weight and that I'm just making excuses. When I started eating salads for lunch every day at work, I dropped pounds pretty quick because it meant less carbs. I'm trying…
  • Obviously, the question is already answered. I'm a little bit bigger and I'm SUPER flexible. Way more so than most of the super skinny people I know. Sometimes my belly fat does get in the way but that doesn't have anything to do with my actual flexibility.
  • Hah, and I was JUST going to do a search about the Withings Pulse. I personally don't own anything yet but I've been doing a lot of research lately and trying to decide on something. It's kind of between Fitbit Flex, UP by Jawbone, and Withings Pulse. The WP is not my first choice due to it being something that screams to…
  • I take 4 bottles of water to work everyday. They're all roughly 500mL (two are probably closer to 600mL) and I drink an extra bottle that's over 500mL and sometimes a 6th bottle. Anyway, I had four days off work in a row and forgot to drink a lot and got pretty bloated and I gained about five pounds of water. For a week…
  • Hmm, that's possible.
  • Whoops, just noticed I did EPR instead of EPO. haha Anyway, that's interesting! I've never heard that before. Why should you switch to flaxseed oil?
  • Me!! I can't wait to have children! I'm only 21 though and my boyfriend and I aren't married yet but I do want to have children someday soon. However, for now I'm just trying to regulate my periods, lose some weight and just be healthy.
  • I don't know why you have to wait until your period starts to take EPR. I never heard anything about that and never did when I took it... However, if you have ovulated, you can use parsley tea (just steep some dried parsley in hot water). Though that is usually used it your period is late but you've already ovulated. Not…
  • Use the search feature and you'll find TONS of threads about this! :) I personally use it mainly in my yogurt but people use it pretty much every way possible.
  • I do separate measurements for butt and waist so I go around the waistband for my underwear to measure my hips. That's the spot where I put my hands on my hips.
  • I've read that it's common for Cysters to have gluten sensitivities. Not sure how much research is backing it but I think wherever I read this, they said a certain percentage of Cysters have gluten sensitivities.
  • "I have been this height of X years. I do happen to realize my height. What's your point?" ... usually is the response to people who say "Omg you're short!" And otherwise "Don't mistaken my short stature for weakness. I'm alot stronger than I look." With a really cute, innocent smile with slightly evil eyes. :D
  • Do more than just squats. You want to work ALL muscles. Squats work more butt than thigh. Look up videos on Youtube for leg workouts or thigh workouts that way you'll be working all of your leg muscles and really get some nice shapely thighs.
  • Because I don't have the option or money to join a gym... And it's way more convenient because I have to time my workouts around making supper and housework after I get home from work every day. Much easier to plan to do it in my house than have to pack up myself and take myself to a gym.