How do I break the cycle?

I get home from work and I'm so exhausted, I have to nap. When I wake up, I'm too groggy to get on my elliptical so it's rare that I get done what I want to. how do I get out of the cycle of having to nap after work?


  • carliekitty
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    I take a nap then get a awesome workout in. If the naps not refreshing you then workout tired.
  • branflakes1980
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    Just don't take a nap. Get on the elliptical instead of getting into bed. When you are done on the elliptical then take that nap, but I Guarantee after you're done, you won't want to take a nap. You will have more energy after working out than you did before you worked out.
  • BZAH10
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    It's all about changing habits, which you already recognize you need to do, so good job making the first step!
    I always say start small: make yourself get on the elliptical for 5 min. (even if it is at a snail's pace) and then take your nap. Just do that for a while. As your energy increases and your habits change you'll gradually do more on the elliptical.
    But always be ok with knowing that no matter what, there WILL be days when a nap is going to happen! Got to take care of your body both ways.
  • BZAH10
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    Also wanted to add that due to my schedule, my workout time is at 3:30 pm every day, a.k.a. hands-down the sleepiest part of my day. There are days when I feel like I can't even keep my eyes open. But, I change into my workout clothes, drive to the gym and put in my best effort just like I do at my job. It's always worth it when I'm done!