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Some of my underwear got a little wide, plus it was my birthday and I splurged and got myself some rather fancy underwear from VS. Ordered them in size S since M was what I had been wearing. After hitting send, I started to doubt that they would fit me. They arrived yesterday. Put them on. Fit perfectly.

This is HUGE. I have been the girl with thick thighs and wide hips all my life. I am the incarnation of a pear shape. In worst times, I wore L or XL pants and S tops. I had 6 babies. I wear a size S underwear without muffin top or stretched fabric now.

My size 4 jeans is getting a little loose, though my weight has not changed much (128 at 5'4"). I have been lifting heavy (5x5) for 9 months now.
After this weekend, I will start strong curves.

I am so THRILLED. I turned it around! I have been embarrassed for my bottom since I was 12. And I believe firmly that around New Years Day, I will start to love my behind. Don't get me wrong, i am content now. But seeing the changes I have seen, I can believe that it will get even better. Wow.

After 12 weeks, I should be able to post pics :)


  • BettyDares
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    Good for you! I really want to get started on Stronglifts. Seems to make a major difference for a lot of people.
  • sengalissa
    sengalissa Posts: 253 Member
    Yes, it does.
    I am very happy with my arms and my upper body. Need more work on saddlebags and butt. But now I see that shaping your body is possible. You can actually DO something about it. That's so awesome.
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