starting t25 10/20/14.... ready to lose the baby weight

It's been a year since I had my daughter and struggling to lose my baby weight so I bought t25 and will start on monday. I enjoy working with others for the help and motivation. So if you wanna start with me add me and let's do this.


  • annanaidoo
    annanaidoo Posts: 34 Member
    I've been doing Insanity for the past 3 weeks! This is my 2nd time doing it. But I think once I finish my 2 months I might look into t25 as a next step! Let me know how you go!
  • aphello
    aphello Posts: 43 Member
    Theres a group of fellow T25 warriors here starting the same day as you - you're welcome to join if you'd like.
  • leahhugh
    leahhugh Posts: 144 Member
    Starting today, too! I only got 3 days in last week, so calling today DAY 1!! :smiley:
  • tamred69
    tamred69 Posts: 130 Member
    Hi All:

    I did the T25 Program (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) in the beginning of this year. I thought I would do it again to wrap up the year...and it's kicking my butt all over again:) I am currently starting week 3, but would like to join you all so I can keep myself accountable. I am good at sticking to excercise programs but not good at eating to plan.....
  • Kassy291
    Kassy291 Posts: 6 Member
    Hi I just finished Focus T25 Alpha and Beta, Gamma was too hard and wasn't burning enough calories (more strength focused) so I'm giving Insanity a go today. In the 2 months that I did T25 I lost over 7 kgs so it does work!

    I had a baby nearly a year ago too and have only recently gotten serious about losing all the extra weight. You can add me if you want :smile:

  • webdevsoup
    webdevsoup Posts: 384 Member
    I'm jumping on the wagon for T25 as well. I did day one yesterday, and am hoping that this will help me in my training for all of the runs I want to do. I'm a runner at heart, but I want to do T25, Les Mills Combat, and eventually work up to Insanity and the P90 series (P90, P90X, P90X2, P90X3). Let's do it!!!
  • sarerah86
    I am starting T25 Alpha in 2 minutes.. I am soo.. excited? Scared? Worried? WOOT