Interested in or currently doing T25??

I am new to MyFitnessPal, and am just gearing up to tackle T25. I started a group for anyone who is looking for some accountability and that extra push to GET IT DONE.

If that's you too, join the group!


  • I just ordered Focus T25. I am ready for the challenge. Count me in. :)
  • aphello
    aphello Posts: 43 Member
    Right on - We got this! Click the link above to join the group and we can keep track of our progress. It's a new group, so if you run across any others, feel free to invite them as well. More the merrier I think!
  • missylectro
    missylectro Posts: 448 Member
    I might try it. I am a coach. I'm doing Turbofire right now :)
  • I just started cardio alpha day 1 today. Was hoping to find a group to help keep me going. Joined! :)
  • sonyamatharu_
    sonyamatharu_ Posts: 3 Member
    Hello! I've looked into it and really want to get it! Anyone that has it, would you recommend it?
  • aphello
    aphello Posts: 43 Member
    I would totally recommend it sonya. It has a great intensity level. After 25 minutes - you understand how you can get good results!
  • darkguardian419
    darkguardian419 Posts: 1,302 Member
    Does anyone know where I can buy shakeology?
  • tiffanydawnn
    tiffanydawnn Posts: 122 Member
    I just did Alpha Day 2!