Mirena and HIIT workouts

I am planning to get Mirena and was wondering how soon can I start HIIT workouts like sprinting etc? Also how soon can I start workouts in general like strength training etc?

Thanks in advance!


  • Elsie_Brownraisin
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    Can't help as I was a chubber when I got mine fitted, but I don't imagine it should take too long. It's a bit sore for a couple of days and you'll probably bleed a bit, but then depends on if you feel comfortable working out using a pad or tampon or whatever.

    The good thing though, is that the Mirena can stop your periods altogther or make them very light. A definite boon for working out in the future!

    I had a minor gynae procedure earlier this year and was not allowed to swim (certainly not in open water, as I do) for 3 weeks. So perhaps stick to that, no swimming for a few weeks (if you do this) and whenever you feel comfortable and not sore for the rest?

  • solieco1
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    I went back to full activity the next day. I had some spotting the first couple of months so be aware of that. I've had mine 4 years and LOVE it.
  • ColeCake292012
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    Usually only need a day or two off...you might feel naturally tired anyway from having your cervix screwed with, but it isn't bad. I spotted for a few weeks, but I was also 8 weeks postpartum and due for AF anytime, too.
  • westcoastgrl21
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    You can workout immediately. There's no down-time with Mirena insertion.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    Depends on the person. When you feel ready, you are. Some folks have significant cramping for a day or so after. I felt fine after my insertion (hated the actual Mirena, but insertion wasn't hard, for me.)
  • I think you'll be fine the next day. I don't even think about my anymore...
  • Lil_Northern_Light
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    Everyone has different pain threshold, it all depends. May take a day or 2, but that's what Advil/tylenol is for :smile: - good luck!
    I've been on Mirena for over 4 yrs, really like it. I myself am attempting to do HIIT as best I can in between shift work and daily household activities.
  • sixpacklady
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    Thank you all. I am nervous and excited to give Mirena a try!