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Looking for an at-home workout for in-between running days

I run 3 - 4 days per week and would like to do some form of exercise on most of the alternating days that uses muscles I don't use much while running, and that won't exacerbate the strain on those muscles and joints that are used while running. A friend recommended HIIT workouts, for which there are many videos online, but another friend said that they might not be the "intense calorie burns" they are advertised to be, and suggested I look at metabolic enhancement training (MET). I'd like something about 30 minutes in duration (I can run for an hour outside, but working out indoors I find rather boring - it's just that we are heading into winter and I can only motivate myself to go out in that weather so many times a week!).

What are your fave workouts for runners that have a good calorie burn?


  • Cherimoose
    Cherimoose Posts: 5,208 Member
    edited October 2014
    Well, all good fitness plans should include strength training, so i would do that every 2-4 days. It raises metabolism, strengthens bones, and about a dozen other benefits. As far as strength programs, you might like P90X or Fitnessblender. You can reduce the number of leg sets they recommend, although you shouldn't ditch leg exercises completely. Running is more for endurance, not strength.
  • walleymama
    walleymama Posts: 174 Member
    Bumping this up, hoping for more replies. Cruising YouTube the choices are rather overwhelming. I did the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred workout this morning, but some of the exercises were focused on quads (the lunges for example) and I'm already working those pretty hard with running and am not wanting to do more of that on my off days. I'm thinking that workouts designed for people who are already running will focus on muscles that aren't used in running, but I haven't found anything that says it's designed that way. Any fave YouTube workout vids that are like this?