water retention how can I get rid of it?

dusjujr Posts: 160 Member
water retention how can I get rid of it?


  • GoingSlightlyMad
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    Start by drinking more water and lowering your Sodium consumption. :)
  • sweetNsassy2584
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    drink tons of water and exercise. Stick with healthy food, lots of veggies and fruit. Watch your sodium intake
  • jenready
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    Drink more water, it will help keep you hydrated and flush out the excess water.
  • dusjujr
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    drink more water...thanks
  • jessicapk
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    Sounds backwards but it works :smile: Less sodium since it makes you hold onto the water you have and drink more water. As your body becomes more hydrated, it will flush the excess and you will pee like crazy. If you are desperate, like you have a job related weigh in or wedding, etc., water pills will help. They dehydrate you, though, so I would only use if you absolutely have to. The true key is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Your body will flush itself as it needs to.