How do you reward yourself for meeting your fitness goal? :)

Good Morning! :)

Just curious how do you/have you rewarded yourself or motivated yourself to meeting your fitness goals? Mini goals? 'Final' goal? :)

I'm thinking when I meet my first 'mini' goal I'm going to buy myself a new pair of fancy Nikes I've been wanting! :)
Maybe new *cute* workout clothes for meeting more goals along the way.

The final goal should be something awesome though, your new body on a VACATION :bigsmile: (148 more lbs to go! lol)

I think I am going to let myself lose 30lbs before I even let myself even see a piece of my favorite food again: Tiramisu. :blushing:

Too tempting!

How do you reward yourself? :smile:


  • jacksonpt
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    Why do you have a final goal?
  • furniem
    furniem Posts: 145 Member
    Clothes and accessories are my mini goal rewards. Gotta reward yourself along the way as it is something to celebrate!
    When I meet my final goal weight it will be a vacation away on the beach with my husband.
    I will never be done on my quest to be healthy but at least I have milestones I know I want to meet to strive for. And once I hit my goal weight I will set new goals like running a half marathon, learning a new sport, etc.... It never ends but it keeps me motivated!

    Good luck on your path!
  • sozisraw
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    I buy myself smaller more fashionable clothes!
  • sharon_moyer
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    For me I do non-food rewards like getting a new book, outfit, or doing something that I haven't done in a while. When I reached losing 10 pounds I rewarded myself with some new clothes. My next goal will be when I reach 163 pounds and that will be me reaching a 10% loss of my starting weight. I haven't really made any plans yet for when I reach that goal because I have 8 pounds to lose before I'm at that goal.
  • GormanGhaste
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    Future purchases I have planned for my mini-goals: new walking shoes, exercise equipment, clothes. For major milestones I want to celebrate with a hiking day-trip.
  • sherrifoster123
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    I usually buy myself new nail polish (shellac's more expensive), or treat myself to something that I normally wouldn't (mani/pedi, eyebrow wax, etc.).
  • christianteach
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    I haven't been buying myself rewards, just seeing the results are reward enough for me. I haven't needed to buy many new clothes either because I've been shopping from my own closets...clothes I put away a long time ago when I outgrew them. I donated the smallest two sizes (10s and 12s) a couple of years ago thinking i would never get back on them again, so once these 14s are too big too, then I will have to hit the mall. I set a goal to be able to wear a two piece on our next cruise, which is only about another month away. I don't think I'm going to make that goal...that's okay as long as I make my end goal-getting back to a size 10. I'm 5'9.5" and that is a good, healthy size for me...comfortably in the normal range of bmi.
  • bettepower
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    Workout gear for sure, it has the dual purpose of reward and motivation, it is not a means to an end, but a little encouragement along the way. I would feel guilty not to use the new gear, and I enjoy looking more pulled together.
  • deadmittens
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    My first prize was a tattoo and a party thrown for me by my co workers once I had lost 100lbs :) my next prize was being able to fit into a victoria's secret LOVE PINK sweatshirt

    I don't know what other rewards to set for myself... maybe more on my tattoo once I'm under 200??
  • Awesome responses!

    Yes I definitely agree that meeting your goal, feeling so accomplished and working on the body you've always wanted is definitely the best reward in itself!

    I have a "final" goal as to which weight I want to get to but I do realize that fitness and maintaining is a lifetime journey and more goals and ways to push yourself will keep coming up along the way.

    Eyes on the prize!

    & CONGRATS to everyone that has lost all this weight!! So inspiring!

    To happy health! :)
  • pkw58
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    My new goals since I hit maintenance last year are all exercise related. For example, once I hit 10,000 steps a day every day for a month, I get to join a barre class in my neighborhood..i have been doing barre3 at home via internet videos, but need to be able to last an hour to join a class and get a lot out of it.

    Once I stick with the class for a month, then I am going to take the adult ballet class with the Houston Ballet.
  • CipherZero
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    The worst words uttered by anyone trying to lose weight are:

    I worked out hard, I deserve this (food item).


    I have to buy new clothes all the timel I'm in between the start and end goal (40 lbs down, 30 to go) and thrift stores are my friends for it.
  • astronomicals
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    Fogo De Chao
  • Katla49
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    New clothes are the natural consequence of the old ones getting too big.:wink: They make a wonderful incentive and a satisfying reward.:bigsmile: Enjoy your success. (I just spent a goodly amount on lovely new underwear as DH looked on with a happy expression. Who would have ever guessed it would be a treat for both of us?:smokin: )
  • wvgirl36
    wvgirl36 Posts: 8 Member
    I set goals in 25 pound increments. I recently lost the first 25 pounds so to celebrate I bought myself a pair of cute, pink Nike flip flops. I agree hard work and sense of accomplishment is reward enough but it helps to celebrate weight loss. I refuse to use food as a reward or to celebrate when reaching goals. I haven't decided yet how I will celebrate when I reach the next 25 pound goal (50 pd loss then). How do you celebrate when you reach mini goals? Nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for working hard. I think when I hit my goal weight I will celebrate with a complete makeover. :)
  • jlcrph
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    To date, I've not rewarded myself but when I hit 100 pounds lost, I am going to have the Container Store organize my closet :-)
    Not sure what I will do for myself when I hit my goal weight (117 lbs lost) ?! A piece of jewelry perhaps - something that I will always have!
  • Tiff050709
    Tiff050709 Posts: 497 Member
    Clothes; for workout and everyday.
    When I lose all my weight I am getting a tattoo!
  • SunKissed1989
    SunKissed1989 Posts: 1,314 Member
    Clothes shopping!
    It's my birthday coming up and my mum's just ordered a few clothes I picked out online as many of my favourite dresses don't fit me anymore - sad times but a perfect excuse to go shopping :tongue:

    Now that I'm in the 140s, I'm getting my hair coloured this week (making an appointment) and when I reach 140lbs (and stay there for a while) I'm getting my 3rd tattoo - so excited :happy:
  • BoomstickChick
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    when I hit my goal, I'll be rewarded by being healthy and not disgusted when I look at myself.
  • mnm424
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    Heels, Pumps, etc... I have a shoe fetish lol

    *sigh* Just bought a pair of black 7" w rhinestones :love: