Am I a good candidate for the 30DS? Also--any success/not success stories?

Hi! I've been trying to lose weight for a while now but have found it difficult to b/c I'm just not sure what to do (i.e. I need a program). I've been hearing a lot about the 30 day shred and have been wanting to give it a try AND it's on sale on amazon so how much better could it get?
Anyhow, I'm 5'4'' and weigh around 130 (last I checked {last week} I was 125 but I look huge right now). I used to weigh around 100-105 pounds (around 2 years ago, was a huge runner but got into a bad mindset and stopped) so I'm still really uncomfortable with my body right now. 105 was definitely too little, so now I'd like to weigh around 115. My goal is by Christmas. Assuming I have 10-15 pounds to lose, is the 30DS a good way to at least knock off 8 lbs or so? Thanks a lot and good luck!


  • penny0919
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    30 DS is only about 22-24 minutes long. It's a good way to build some strength (not muscle really because you don't lift heavy weights), and the cardio is good for your heart. But at your weight you would maybe burn 200-300 calories tops.

    The fastest way to lose 8 lbs is to cut calories from your diet.
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    Hi! I just completed 30DS recently, and it's a good and demanding program. I didn't use it to lose weight, though, I conditioned my body for a weight lifting program that I'm currently in.
    However, it's an extreme program, set up for a limited time, and if you want to see serious progress, than you will have to give it your all. This includes sticking to a strict meal plan.
    30DS is more bearable, if you take a bit more time to complete it. It's supposed to be 3x10 days (3 training levels), but I have allowed some rest days. There were a few 'ouch' moments....but do not give up, it gets better after a few days.

    For comparison: I'm 5'5", 132 lbs, 17% BF, US size 4. For me, it's better to measure, instead of looking at the bathroom scale too much.... =)'s available for free on youtube! Have fun!
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    I hosted a 30DS fitness group last year around this time and had people within the group have fantastic results! I had to stop half way because the program was so demanding on my knees!